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UniSart® Microarray Slides for all Protein Assays

Typical applications

  • Forward phase protein arrays (FPPA)
  • Reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA)
  • High-throughput screening of protein libraries, antibodies, glycans and peptides

Protein arrays (microarrays or protein biochips) are now an indispensable tool for many proteomic applications as well as for new multi-parameter clinical diagnostic tests. Historically a modified glass surface is the most widely used substrate for nucleic DNA arrays, however due to the many differences between proteins and nucleic acids, the best and most used surface for protein arrays is now a nitrocellulose membrane.

Nitrocellulose engineered for microarrays

The UniSart® Microarray slide is a special glass slide coated with a thin microporous nitrocellulose membrane. The three-dimensional nitrocellulose matrix is optimized for fast protein binding while maintaining the functional protein structure.

Reliable results for all standard microarray applications

  • excellent protein affinity and binding capacity
  • superior signal to noise ratio at very low protein concentrations
  • very low background of the native slide
  • perfect spot geometry for reproducible results
  • compatible with fluorescent, colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection systems


Forward or reverse phase?

The UniSart® Microarray slide is the perfect substrate for both forward (capture) or reverse phase protein arrays. Download our brochure and learn how to best use the nitrocellulose membrane slide in your assay.

Alexa Fluor 647 - non-amplified signal

Alexa Fluor 647 - amplified signal

To amplify or not to amplify?

Read our new technical letter on this crucial question: Should you use an amplification kit to detect your protein spots on nitrocellulose UniSart ®Microarray Slide?


Standard and customized pad formats to meet your needs


The UniSart® Microarray slides are available in eight different standard pad formats ranging from various 1-pad slides up to 64-pad slides. In addition, our new and innovative manufacturing process allows us to produce any custom pad size within the limit of the standard glass slide to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for prototypes and a quote for minimum quantities.

More Info and Slide Samples

Contact us for product inquiries, technical support and microarray slide samples.

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