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New Supplement in Association with BioProcess International

Innovations in Cell Culture

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Upstream Technologies

  • Automated Miniature Bioreactor Technology: Optimizing Early Process Development in Fermentation and Bioprocessing
  • Single-Use, Stirred-Tank Bioreactors: Efficient Tools for Process Development and Characterization
  • Design of Experiments with Small-Scale Bioreactor Systems for Efficient Bioprocess Development and Optimization
  • Superior Scalability of Single-Use Bioreactors
  • Integrated Optical Single-Use Sensors: Moving Toward a True Single-Use Factory for Biologics and Vaccine Production
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filtration: Innovative Single-Use Concepts for Clarification of High-Density Mammalian Cell Cultures
  • Designing Full Solutions for the Future: An Interview with Christel Fenge

Section 2: Development of the New Flexsafe Bag Family

  • Consistently Superior Cell Growth Achieved with New Polyethylene Film Formulation
  • Robust and Convenient Single-Use Processing: The Superior Strength and Flexibility of Flexsafe Bags
  • Enhanced Assurance of Supply for Single-Use Bags: Based on Material Science, Quality By Design, and Partnership with Suppliers
  • Development and Qualification of a Scalable, Disposable Bioreactor for GMP-Compliant Cell Culture
  • Verification of New Flexsafe STR Single-Use Bioreactor Bags: Using a CHO Fed-Batch Monoclonal Antibody Production Process at 1,000-L Scale
  • Pressure Decay Method for Post-Installation Single-Use Bioreactor Bag Testing
  • Total Solutions Support the Growth of a Dynamic Industry: An Interview with Reinhard Vogt and Stefan Schlack

Last Word

  • Disposables for Biomanufacturing: A User’s Perspective


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