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Air Monitoring


Airborne microbes pose a potential risk of contamination for products and raw materials. Therefore, air sampling with active devices is a method commonly used for evaluation of particles, fungi, spores and microorganisms – even of viruses and bacteriophages. Sampling of a specific volume of air in a defined time can be performed with two different physical methods: filtration or impaction. Sartorius offers both solutions to suit your particular application. In addition, Sartorius defined growth media enable you to obtain qualitative and quantitative results.

Gelatin Membrane Filters (GMF)

Gelatine filters in conjunction with the MD8 air samplers (gelatine filter method) are used for collection of airborne microbes and viruses - individually, sterile packaged membranes guarantee reliable and accurate results.

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MD8 Air Samplers

MD8 air samplers, MD8 airscan and portable AirPort MD8 for detection of airborne microorganisms.

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BACTair: Culture Media Plates

Impact your microbiological air monitoring - for an exceptional recovery of airborne microorganismsm.

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EXTEND Instrumentation Services

We are well aware of how important it is for your equipment to run smoothly in order to ensure efficient production processes and workflows.

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