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BIOSTAT® RM and Flexsafe® RM for Seed and Small Scale Protein Supply

The BIOSTAT® RM, a fully GMP compliant, single-use, wave-mixed bioreactor and single use Flexsafe® bags are proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, NS0, SF9, E.coli and mesenchymal stem cells.


  • 100 ml to 100 L
  • Two Rocker sizes: BIOSTAT® RM 20/50 and BIOSTAT® RM 200

Why choose BIOSTAT® RM?

  • Excellent Cell Growth and Robustness
  • Security of Supply & Consistent Quality
  • Easy to Use Rocker with Advanced Control Capabilities

More information


  • Mammalian, insect and plant cell
  • Suspension or adherent cells on micro-carriers
  • Shear sensitive cells such as stem cells
  • Low to medium density microbial cultures

Process Step

  • Seed expansion for large bioreactors
  • GMP Production


  • Process transfer from shake or T-flask
  • Rapid material supply for pre-clinical trials
  • Production of recombinant proteins, mAbs and vaccines
  • Continuous cultures with reported cell densities of 150 million cells/ml