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Sartorius Worldwide Calibration Services for All Brands of Liquid Handling Instruments


Backed by over 20 years of experience in delivering world-class pipettes and liquid handling instruments, Sartorius offers the maintenance and calibration services to match for all your pipette brands and models.

Our network of ISO 17025-accredited calibration centers across the globe and our expert field service force will effortlessly enable you to maintain the reliability, accuracy and precision of your pipettes in compliance with ISO 8655 – as well as with many additional national and international standards.

Stress-free Calibration & Maintenance

You need regular calibration and maintenance to ensure the reliability and accuracy of your pipettes in compliance with strict standards. Sartorius offers you all the best options. Regardless of your pipette brand or model, Sartorius service centers around the globe provide ISO 17025-accredited calibration services along with preventive maintenance to keep your pipettes ready and reliable for accurate dispensing. We perform all calibration according to ISO 8655, as well as maintenance strictly based on your pipette manufacturer’s instructions.

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