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Liquid Handling Services

Extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments.

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Picus® NxT Electronic Pipette

Ergonomic, Efficienct, and Safe

Are you looking for the following qualities in a pipette and not willing to compromise

  • Comfortable to hold and reduces the risk of strain injuries
  • Conforms to the strictest lab regulations
  • Speeds up your work
  • Helps you to achieve accurate results time after time

If the answer is yes, then Picus® NxT should be your choice. It meets all of these requirements with its inherited, superior design of the award-winning Picus® and with its added certification and novel safety features for conformance to the strictest lab regulations.

It’s amazing that an electronic pipette
can be this light  - only 100 grams!

Features & Benefits

Conform to Lab Regulations

  • Certificate of accredited 3-point calibration (ISO 17025 and ISO 8655) conforms to the strictest regulations
  • Maintenance and calibration reminders alert you when service is required
  • Advanced password protection for settings and pipetting protocol memory
  • Possibility to lock the pipette, when its use is to be prevented, e.g. in case of contamination

Be Kind to Your Hand

  • Uniquely lightweight (weighs only 100 grams) and streamlined design for effortless pipetting
  • Conveniently located soft-touch operating button and electronic tip ejection help minimize muscle strain
  • Comfortable handle design and finger hook mean the Picus® NxT rests lightly in your hand

Achieve Reliable Results

  • Electronic piston control and brake guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results, regardless of user skill level
  • Repeated blow-out function helps dispense every last droplet, ensuring complete sample recovery
  • Unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing
  • Safe-Cone Filters provide cost-effective contamination prevention

Speed up your work

  • The unique adjustment wheel provides extremely quick volume setting and menu navigation
  • The extensive range of pipetting modes, from diluting and titrating to serial dispensing, makes pipetting tasks quick and easy
  • User-definable protocols speed up routine pipetting sequences
  • Intuitive user interface with a range of language options: English, French, German, Russian, and Chinese

Technical features

  • Single-channel models cover a volume range of  0.2 µl – 10,000 µl, and multichannel models a range of 0.2 µl – 1,200 µl
  • 9 pipetting modes and 7 additional modes
  • Calibration adjustment in 1-, 2- or 3-points
  • Maintenance and calibration reminders
  • Autoclavable lower parts (excl. 1200 μl models)
  • Charging with charging stand or micro USB cable
  • Possible to continue working with USB charging cable connected
  • Li-Polymer battery enables charging in approx. 1 hour


Pipetting modes

Pipetting Modes Advanced Features (ADV) - used in conjunction with pipetting modes

Tracker Mixing Counter Excess
Reverse Pipetting        
Manual Pipetting             
Sequential Dispensing           


* The availability of additional modes varies according to the pipetting mode selected.