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Liquid Handling Services

Extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments.

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Pipette Controllers and Bottle-top Dispensers

Sartorius offers pipette controllers and bottle-top dispensers for various large-volume liquid handling needs and applications.

Pipette Controllers

Midi Plus™ is a lightweight and easy-to-use pipette controller for both aspiration and dispensing of maximum volumes and offers a cordless battery-operated option.

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Bottle-top Dispensers

Sartorius bottle-top dispensers and burettes are safe, convenient, and customizable. They fit perfectly for a wide range of dispensing needs.

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Midi Plus™ – Cordless Pipette Controller

Midi PlusTM is a lightweight, cordless pipette controller with excellent ergonomics, enabling you to aspirate from bottles and tubes without holding your arm and hand in an uncomfortable elevated position as is often required with serological or volumetric pipettes. This controller is ideal for microbiological procedures because it lets you dispense into culture medium plates carefully, drop by drop, without breaking the surface layer of each medium. Midi PlusTM fits all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes and can also be used with Sartorius 5 ml and 10 ml disposable tips.

Ergonomic design reduces the need for keeping your arm raised in an uncomfortable position

  • Fits all commonly used 1 ml – 100 ml glass or plastic pipettes
  • Stepless speed control permits easy adjustment of the dispensing speed for accurate results

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