Analyst Research

Sartorius AG is currently covered by twelve sell-side analysts. The following list shows their latest recommandation for the Sartorius preference share.

InstitutAnalystDateTarget PriceRecommandation
UBSBenedikt Orzelek18.05.2016300.00Buy
LBBWVolker Stoll27.04.2016252.00Hold
DZ BankSven Kürten22.04.2016277.00Buy
Kepler CheuvreuxOliver Reinberg20.04.2016230.00Hold
BerenbergScott Bardo20.04.2016260.00Buy
MetzlerAlexander Neuberger18.04.2016265.00Buy
HSBCJan Keppeler13.04.2016 275.00Buy
CommerzbankDaniel Wendorff13.04.2016224.00Hold
Nord LBVolker Sack01.03.2016225.00Hold
EquitaGianmarco Bonacina02.02.2016250.00Hold
Oddo Seydler BankIgor Kim02.02.2016260.00Hold
Deutsche BankMario Becherer22.12.201492.00Hold

Based on an internal database, we have assigned the recommendations indicated below to buy, hold and sell categories. This list does not claim to be exhaustive.

Buy     Accumulate | Add | Buy | Outperform | Overweight
Hold    Hold | Neutral
Sell      Reduce | Sell | Underperform | Underweight


The analysts’ estimates listed above as examples are not based on research or analyses conducted by Sartorius AG, but rather exclusively on analyses, research, reports, recommendations or ratings of third parties. References to such recommendations and ratings are provided as convenience for readers and for non-binding informational purposes only. These references do not imply that Sartorius AG adopts, endorses or confirms in any way the recommendations, options, opinions, conclusions or estimates of analysts. In particular, analysts’ estimates do not constitute any investment advice given by Sartorius AG. None of the information provided is intended as an offer or encouragement to buy Sartorius shares or other financial instruments, nor is it an offer to purchase or sell.

Sartorius AG shall not assume any liability, in particular for the selection, topicality, quality, completeness or accuracy of the analysts’ estimates shown and, if any, of analysts’ recommendations. Any liability on the part of Sartorius AG for damages or losses incurred by third parties based on the information published on this website shall be excluded.