Celsius® Product Family

Robust, Complete and Scalable Solutions for Frozen Storage and Shipment

Celsius® is the market leading single-use technology for storage and shipment of commercialized and clinical-phase biopharmaceuticals in a frozen state. Focused on product security throughout its lifecycle, Celsius® offers robust, complete and scalable solutions for safe movement, storage and shipment of high-value biopharmaceutical products. This is a complete and qualified platform technology to ease any process transfers across campus, drug production sites and worldwide manufacturing networks.

Select a Celsius® platform for your process requirements:

Lab-scale Freeze and Thaw

To support the implementation of freezing and thawing operations at larger production scale.

Celsius® FFT | FFTp

The Celsius® FFT single-use assemblies are designed to provide the freezing container used in conventional freezer. The associated logistics for frozen storage and shipping of biopharmaceuticals is also available.

Celsius® CFT

The Celsius® CFT systems use a proprietary heat transfer technology to freeze and thaw biopharmaceutical solutions, scalable from process development to commercial scale production products.

Pre-designed Solutions (PDS)

Building on more than 15 years’ experience in designing single-use freeze and thaw solutions, we have established lab-scale and production-scale Celsius® Pre-designed Solutions (PDS) for every process step when frozen storage and frozen shipment are required. Celsius® PDS are configured with the features needed to decouple downstream process steps and securely transport Drug Substances to Drug Product sites. The complete control of our manufacturing process and our quality management for critical fluid-contact components ensure reliable and consistent performance of our Celsius® PDS. 

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