Accelerate by Outsourcing Cell Culture Media & Buffers Production

Industry Leading Manufacturing Capabilities & Wide Array of Packaging Options

We offer liquid and powder media & buffers from small scale up to commercial scale. Our packaging solutions answer to your specific needs including bottles, single-use bags up to 1,000 L as well as drums for powders.


With a comprehensive range of bottles, Flexsafe® and Flexboy® bags we can offer standard off-the-shelf or customized containment from 0.5 liters up to 1,000 liters per unit.


We offer a wide range of powder containers from 125 g bottles up to several 100 kg. We also provide ready-to-use solutions such as media kits.

Global Manufacturing Capbilities


cGMP (21CFRB20) based manufacturing facility

ISO 9001:2008 certified

Liquid media capabilities (per batch)

Up to 10,000 L

Powder media capabilities (per batch) NAO Medium

Up to 700,000 L

Batch capacity

7-7000 Kg

Clean and Fast Pilot Production

Quickly and Easily Validate Your Media and Buffer Formulation

Limited QC tests allow for faster timelines from production to delivery date. This pilot production approach allows for a simpler process for the testing and validation of any media or buffer formulation after it has been selected. This offer is the best option when it comes to the validation phase of a scaling-up a process.


Catalogue products and custom

Quality Assurance

Product use

For upstream │ downstream biopharma process development

QA System

ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Quality Control

Product Approval and Release

All products are released following an approved │ controlled an inspection of  all quality documents harmonized between both sites

Product Storage amd Shipment

Shipment conditions

Harmonized shipping condition between sites supported by validation data

Handling of customer demands


Confidential information shared under CDA

Batch Size


Up to 100L


Up to 7kg

Packaging Solutions

Leveraging Sartorius Strengths

We can assist in designing and providing the best products and offer packaging solutions answering to your specific needs. We want to protect our products in the best possible way with high-quality packaging – on the inside as well as the outside. We always place particular value on the highest standards of safety and security, in order to offer efficient and flexible solutions in a market that is both challenging and constantly changing.

Shipping Solutions for Media & Buffers

Liquid Form

0,5 to 1L

1 to 2,5L

2 to 20L







Flexsafe® 2D Bag


Flexsafe® 3D Bag in Container

Stainless Steel Palletank

Plastic Palletank

Powder Form

125g to 5kg




Applicable for

Media & Buffers

Media & Buffers

Dedicated Transport for Shipping

Ensuring Product Integrity From Manufacturing to Point of Use

Media & Buffer product storage and shipping conditions vary. While some can be stored at ambient temperature (uncontrolled), others might need to be stored at Room Temperature (15-30°C), Refrigerated Temperature (2-8°C) or Frozen Temperature (-10°C | -20°C). Appropriate packaging is provided to maintain optimal shipping conditions. We have years of experience in shipping small volumes as well as large volumes of our products (in liquid or powder form) at different temperatures all around the globe.

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