Information and Instructions on Disposal and Recycling

The packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials that can be used as secondary raw materials. If you no longer need this packaging, bring it to your local recycling and waste disposal facility according to the regulations applicable in your country. In Germany, you can dispose of this material using the VfW dual system (contract number D-59101-2009-1129).

The equipment, including accessories and empty non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries, does not belong in your regular household waste; such equipment is manufactured from high-grade materials and can be recycled and reused. The European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requires that electrical and electronic equipment be collected and disposed of separately from other unsorted municipal waste, with the aim of recycling it. The crossedout waste bin symbol indicates that separate collection is required.

In Germany and many other countries, Sartorius Weighing Technology GmbH and its branch offices take care of the return and legally compliant disposal of their electrical and electronic equipment on their own. Such equipment may not be thrown out with household waste or brought to collection centers run by local public disposal operations - not even by small commercial operators. Please contact our on-site service staff or our central Services unit (Service Center) in Goettingen, Germany.

Weighing Technology GmbH
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