EXPAND® Training Courses and Seminars

"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn...and change."
Carl Rogers

The objective of our training courses is to enable participants to gain the required theoretical knowledge and the skills necessary for putting this knowledge into practice so that they can perform their work efficiently and confidently. Are you employed in research and development or in production or quality assurance? Then you’ve come to the right address! With EXPAND®, we offer you an extensive range of training courses that feature a high proportion of practical exercises.

Cell Cultivation | Cell Biology

Animal Cell Culture; Fluorescence Microscopy more

Fermentation | Cell culture

Fermentation; High Cell Density Cultivation of Escherichia coli; Animal Cell Culture Workshop; Cultivation & Production of Viruses in Cell Cultures; Monoclonal Antibody Production; Sera-free Cultivation; High Cell Density Cultivation of Animal Cells; Bioprocess Control more

Downstream Processing

Animal Cell Culture; Crossflow Filtration; MFCS/win 3.0 Crossflow;
Single-use Process Systems more


Sterilization and Integrity Testing of Membrane Filters; Filter Optimization and Scale-up more


Microbiology; Microbiology in the Beverage Industry; Sterility Testing; Use of Light Microscopy in Microbiological Quality Control more

Molecular Biology | Proteomics

Current Technologies in the Molecular Biology; Quantitative Real-time PCR; Proteins: Isolation, Purification and Analysis; Immunoassays - Antibodies in Analysis more

Laboratory- | Quality Management

Balances as Inspection; Calibrating Pipettes; Practical Testing of Balances more

Process Control Tools & Software

MFCS/win 3.0 User Training; MFCS/win 3.0 Manager Training; MFCS/win 3.0 Application Training; MFCS DoE; MFCS MVA DCU User Training more