Sartorius Service: We ensure the quality of your results

A strong team dedicated to your success

Your success is our mission. Our dedication to quality assurance and the accuracy of your laboratory and process results are key components of our mission. Come join the growing community of our loyal customers; and enjoy the benefits of a quick response for our service support team, a global network of service professionals, and comprehensive service offerings that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Instrument Service

  • Service offering that ensure optimal performance of your equipment and reducing potential downtime
  • Accurate and reliable results, while protecting your investment
  • Customized service contracts available

Validation Service

  • The perfect element for your process validation 
  • Combined expertise: Analytical, regulatory and process know-how to ensure absolutely reliable results
  • Validation labs equipped with the latest instrumentation 


  • Designed to improve processes and to reduce workflow challenges

  • Ideal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications
  • Updates on the latest sector trends and market information

Testing Services & Cell Line Development

  • Supports the early stage development of biopharmaceutical drugs
  • Industry leading expertise in supporting biosimilar drug development
  • Robust platforms, off-the-shelf assays and commitment to providing a total solution
  • Process Development | Installation & Commissioning

    "My customer wants his operators to receive thorough training to ensure everything runs smoothly. So I am more than happy to train them."

    Marco Fuentes, Service technician, Mexico
  • Clinical Phase | Qualification

    "We are optimally prepared to visit each of our customers. Moreover, we regularly attend training seminars on product qualification and know each customer's system inside out."

    David Dong, Service technician, Shanghai

  • Commercial Manufacturing | Preventative Maintenance

    "When downtimes occur, it can be very frustrating and result in lost money and wasted time in several departments. That's why I recommend that my customers sign a preventive maintenance contract."

    Christina Harper, Service Sales Specialist, United States of America

  • Analysis laboratory | Calibration

    "My customer wants his operators to receive thorough training to ensure everything runs smoothly. So I am more than happy to train them."

    Harald Wehe, service technician, Germany

  • Quality laboratory | Qualification

    "In GMP environments, there is simply no room for error. With our risk-based qualification approach, we ensure that all critical control points are reviewed ahead of your audit."

    Ian Hemmings, Service Director, North Europe

  • Diagnostic laboratory | Preventative Maintenance

    "Relatively long downtimes are time-consuming and costly. With a Sartorius maintenance contract, my customer will have the peace of mind knowing that his equipment will remain up and running at peak performance."

    Marcelo Palomo, Service technician, Brazil

  • University research laboratory | Installation & Commissioning

    "Aspiring scientists put their heart and soul into their research projects. That's why I enjoy taking care the professional installation of their equipment so they can get started with their new projects right away."

    Martin Asche, Service technician, Germany

We’ll find the service solution best for you

Global thinking, local expertise: Around the world our customers rely on Sartorius Service

Customers across the globe trust in our services

We serve our customers all across the globe – with service contracts and a full range of services and training courses just right to suit every need. Together with you, we will find the best service solution for your system and equipment. So you can protect the quality of your results throughout your entire manufacturing process all the way to the very last step.

Professional Support

In the unlikely event that one of our instruments does not perform the way it should, we’ll be right there on the spot to fix it. Our team of around 400 service specialists is optimally trained and well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. Based on our logistics capabilities, we’ll provide you with the original spare parts you need – anywhere in the world. Sartorius has more than 650 service team members who continuously work towards improving customer experience and attend to your queries.

Service planning for your investment protection

Select the proper equipment category. We will show you which service options are available for your equipment, and advantages you will gain when choosing Sartorius Service as your partner in protecting your investment.

Product Category:

Type of Service:


University research laboratory | Installation & Commissioning

You conduct research at the university, and upon delivery of your new Sartorius equipment you would like to use it as soon as possible. A Sartorius Service engineer will take care of installation and commissioning of your equipment so that everything will be correctly configured right from the start and will operate correctly. This way, you will be certain that your research results are of the upmost quality.

Diagnostics laboratory | Maintenance

Even quality products need regular maintenance to ensure they deliver maximum performance. Routine maintenance will asisst in detecting any potential issues before they cause major problems . With a Sartorius maintenance contract, you’ll always be on the safe side. Thanks to our professional equipment review and the replacing of consumables regularly, you will reduce any potential trouble or malfunctions to a bare minimum.

Quality laboratory | Qualification

In your GMP|GLP regulated laboratory, it is necessary to provide proof of the suitability of all your equipment. We will help you in this effort with our risk-based equipment qualification approach. As a result, you will have peace of mind knowing that all critical points have been reviewed, while keeping expenses in line with your budget. You can readily integrate our comprehensive documents into your quality management system.

Analytical laboratory | Calibration

The requirements for accuracy and reliability of laboratory data are continuously increasing. To obtain precise results and comply with regulatory standards, your laboratory equipment needs to be regularly calibrated. Our calibration certificates are accredited according to DIN EN 17025 which is internationally recognized and provides the certainty required for controlling the accuracy of your inspection, measuring and testing equipment.

Commercial Manufacturing | Preventative Maintenance

You perform commercial-scale manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. This is why system availability and process reliability is crucial to your operation. Signing a maintenance agreement will provide peace of mind. Your equipment will be regularly checked, and any potential issues will be addressed, before they become major problems. Sartorius Service offers consultation including risk assessment before you enter into a maintenance agreement. Identification of critical replacement spare parts can be done ahead of time. These critical parts can be purchased in advance, so they are availble in case your equipment requires servicing.

Clinical Phase | Qualification

You work in a regulated environment according to cGMP standards. This means that all of your systems need to be quilified before you can start to manufacture your biopharmaceuticals. Upon request, we will supply all required material certificates and perform both Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) for you. Our traceable qualification documents can then be added to your quality management system.

Process Development | Installation & Commissioning

You work in biopharmaceutical process R&D, and you know that one minor operating error can cause unnecessary delays. The Sartorius Service team offers professional training on your equipment as part of their installation and commissioning services. In addtition, you can refresh your knowledge at any time about GMP requirements and fermentation, you can sign up for various webinars or attend in-depth training