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Sartoclear® Depth Filters

Sartoclear® filters are cellulose-based depth filters developed for demanding clarification applications in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. The wide range of grades offers a solution for a variety of applications such as post centrifuge filtrations, perfusion processes, and direct harvests with moderate cell densities.


  • Mammalian cell culture harvests
  • Microbial lysates
  • Removal of precipitates from sera and plasma
  • Particle and colloid removal from process intermediates
  • Media Filtration

Maximize Product Recovery

  • Manifold set comes with pre-installed tubing on vents and drains
  • Tubing with quick connectors at the end can be hooked up with pressurized air or bags
  • Retained medium is recovered through controlled air pressure

Practical Design for Easy Cassette Exchange

  • Holding grooves allow the user to take each cassette out step-by-step
  • The rounded bottom enables the user to take out used cassettes in an ergonomic way
  • Handles enable comfortable carrying with both arms

Overview and Ordering Information

Sartoclear® filters are available in various device formats serving you from the first steps, throughout clinical phases and up to large scale manufacturing while always keeping the same filter material.

  • Sartoclear® Caps

    Sartoclear® Caps are easy to use screening devices that help you to find the best grade for your application.

    Data Sheet (335 KB)

  • Sartoclear® MaxiCaps®

    Sartoclear® MaxiCaps® are developed for scale up filtrations with volumes between 1 and 15 liters.

    Data Sheet (324 KB)

  • Sartoclear® Depth Filter

    Sartoclear® Depth Filter Cassettes are single-use filtration devices especially designed for biopharmaceutical clarification applications. The modular devices provide linear scalability from small to large scale processes. Three different sizes allow for a seamless adaptation to different process fluid volumes.

    Data Sheet (597 KB)
    Manual (947 KB)

  • Sartoclear® Depth Filter modules

    Sartoclear® Depth Filter modules are stackable, lenticular shaped depth filters for use in stainless steel housings, which are often used in large scale manufacturing facilities for biologicals.

    Data Sheet (364 KB)

Find the Optimal Grade for Your Application


Sartoclear® DL-Series are high capacity depth filters made of two distinct filtration layers. The primary coarser layer is followed by a second finer layer which enables the removal of a broader spectrum of particles in a single step.

The Sartoclear® DL-Series are pre-selected and optimized to serve the most common biopharmaceutical applications.


Sartoclear® S-Series are single layer depth filter media grades for more specific applications such as vaccines and process intermediates with a lower or homogenous particle load.

The Sartoclear® S-Series are also available as filter sheets for plate and frame filtration systems which are often used in the plasma industries.

Grade Description of Sartoclear® DL-Series

DescriptionApplication examples1
DL90SX00S200Very coarse primary grade on top of a coarse secondary filter for filtrations with high solid concentrationsPrimary clarification of mammalian cell cultures, insect cell cultures, microbial fermentations, vaccines
DL75S600S200Pure cellulose pre-filter combined with a coarse secondary filterPrimary clarification of mammalian cell cultures, insect cell cultures, microbial fermentations, vaccines
DL60S400S080Coarse primary grade with a secondary fine filtration grade for lower to moderate solid concentrationsPost-perfusion bioreactors, vaccines
DL20S080S040Fine filtration grade combined with a standard bioburden reduction grade for the removal of particlesPost centrifuge mammalian cell cultures, post primary depth filtration, process precipitates
DL10S080S010Fine filtration grade followed by very tight secondary filter for the removal of high concentrations of small particlesPost centrifuge microbial (e.g. E. coli ) lysates, post primary depth filtration step, process precipitates

1 The listed examples are indicative and need to be confirmed by small scale tests

System Overview Sartoclear® Depth Filter

  • Depth Filter Cassettes


    Three different sizes allow for a seamless adaptation to different process fluid volumes.

    Data Sheet (597 KB)
    Manual (947 KB)

  • Manifold Set


    The manifold set contains the inlet and outlet plates for fast installation of the filtration set-up including pre-installed tubing for venting and draining of the system.

  • Pressure Device

    An optional pressure safety device is available to avoid excess pressure during compressed air draining of the filters.

  • Filter Holders

    Three standard formats of filter holders serve you from pilot scale up to commercial manufacturing.

    Per process layer you can install between 1 and 12 Sartoclear® filters, enabling you to harvest bioreactors in the range between 50 and 2000 liters with one double process filter holder.

    Data Sheet (560 KB)



Learn more about Sartoclear® Depth Filters

Download Manual (947 KB)

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