Up to 15% Discount on Cubis® II Lab Balance with Trade-In

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Balance Trade-In Promotion: Cubis® II 

Now is the time to trade in your current lab balance for Cubis® II, the 100% configurable lab balance that helps with lab digitization, data integrity and paperless lab journey processes. Not only will you streamline your workflow, but you can also receive up to 15% off with your traded balance. 

  • Sartorius will collect and recycle your current lab balance, according to local regulations, for free. 
  • Use promo code: LWGTradein2023 (Receive up to 15% off)

Cubis® II Configurator: Your Custom Balance in 4 Easy Steps

Configure Now

How It Works

Select Your Lab Balance for Trade-In
  • Any lab balance brand or model will be accepted to be traded for a new Cubis® II balance
Order Sartorius Cubis® II Trade-In Balance
  • Go to Cubis® II Configurator and configure your balance
  • On your custom configuration “Request a Quote,” enter Promo Code: LWGTradein2023
  • Contact Customer Service for help with Cubis® II Configuration and Trade-In participation 
Free Return Service for Your Lab Balance
  • After trading in your balance for Cubis® II Sartorius Customer Service will provide a link to the UPS balance Return portal
  • Follow provided instructions and book online return shipment for current balance
  • Return current balance within 30 days after receiving replacement balance

Reasons to Trade


Maintain data quality by eliminating manual transcription errors

  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity
  • Central data storage 

Confident Compliance 

Full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

  • Complete traceability and submission-ready data 
  • SOP Integration 
  • Governance through user management 


QApps are configurable to your workflow 

  • QApps feature iterative software development cycles for the complete life of the applications 
  • Long-term flexibility and guaranteed adaptation to evolving regulatory and laboratory needs

Terms and Conditions

Important to Know:
  • The number of replacement Cubis® II balances ordered must equal the number of balances returned
  • Cubis® II trade-in discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions
  • Current lab balances must be returned to Sartorius within 30 days after receiving the Cubis® II balance
  • If current lab balances are not returned, the order will be recalculated with list price and a new invoice will be issued
  • Promotion is applicable to all countries
  • Promotion is available until the end of 2023
  • Promotion is not available in China
  • Asia Pacific customers: Please contact your local Sartorius subsidiary or dealer for the applicable discount in your country

Cubis® II Resources

Cubis® II Pharma Compliant by Design

Sartorius’s Cubis® II is designed to follow US FDA data integrity principles that require data to be accurate, legible, contemporaneous, original, and attributable (ALCOA).

The Cubis® II balance, with the Pharma package, contains all the technical controls to support compliance with common regulations. Full compliance can be achieved with additional procedural controls and systems for long-term data storage.

Download White Paper

Digital Solutions Deliver Data Integrity

Data integrity is critical in the biopharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Achieving this requires labs to step away from paper documentation and embrace digital tools that enhance data accuracy and traceability.

Chemical Processing spoke with Mitesh Chhana, Regional Business Manager Lab Weighing, EMEA, at Sartorius to understand how lab instruments can facilitate this process.

Mitesh has over 15 years of experience in laboratory weighing and is regarded as an adviser on compliance, connectivity, and data integrity topics, which are key in many industry segments looking to digitalize their data workflows. Fill out the form to read the interview or listen to the podcast format.

Listen to the Podcast

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Checklist

The Cubis® II balance, with pharma package, contains all the technical controls to support compliance with common regulations. Full compliance can be achieved with additional procedural controls and systems for long-term data storage. This checklists helps you to keep an eye on relevant details of the regulation. In addition you can see how Cubis® II is offering solutions to be fully pharma compliant.

Download Checklist

Cubis II Connectivity & Compliance

The premium balance that can be smartly integrated into your laboratory today and meets the connectivity requirements of tomorrow. 

Tips and Standards for Pipette Calibration with ISO8655

Learn about the tips and standards for pipette calibration. Download the infographic to learn more. 

Download Infographic

Sartorius Instrument Service: Have Confidence in Your Results

Our global service organizations provide comprehensive services over the entire product life cycle and assist our partners in running highly effective processes. 
Sartorius’ certified and accredited services ensure the quality of results, guarantee equipment longevity, and reduce downtimes. We ensure the efficient performance of Sartorius Instruments to help you quickly obtain compliant, reliable, accurate, and audit secure laboratory data, maximizing their productivity.

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