Importing and Activating Q-Apps

To run Q-Apps on your Cubis® balance, you will first need to install the current firmware.

You will find a list of these downloadable applications in our online Sartorius App Center, among other places. After importing and installing Q-Apps on your balance, you can test them for 30 entire days – completely free of charge. Then you can purchase a license to continue using these Q-Apps after the free trial period.

  1. Select the menu item "Display device information."
  2. Then select "Display device information." In the next window, press "Version." After that, the software versions installed in your balance will be shown. Please check whether the versions shown in the screen capture above are actually installed in your balance by comparing the release numbers in the items "BIOS version," "Firmware Version" and "Application version." If this is not the case, you will need to update your firmware.
  1. Visit our App Center to download the latest firmware onto your PC. Extract the zipped file located in the root directory on your SD card (without the subdirectories).
  2. In the balance "Menu," select "Device parameters" to navigate to the item "Update software."
  3. If you would like to retain your balance settings and configurations, answer with No (recommended).
  4. Follow the further prompts displayed on your balance. Once the new firmware version has been installed, the balance will restart and will then be ready to operate again. Follow the further prompts displayed on your balance. Once the new firmware version has been installed, the balance will restart and will then be ready to operate again.
  1. Once you have downloaded the Q-App of your choice from our App Center and have extracted this file in the root directory of an SD card, access the menu of your Cubis® balance. Navigate to the menu item “Import/Export data” and select this item.
  2. Insert the SD card by following the prompts displayed on the balance and confirm by pressing "Next."
  3. Select the menu item “Import Q-App option from SD" card.
  4. Select the Q-App you wish to import from the list and confirm by pressing “Next.” The Q-App you selected will now be downloaded into your Cubis® balance. Please note: The 30-day period for free testing of your Q-App starts as of this point. You may now download further Q-Apps or you can return to the weighing mode by pressing the "Back" button three times.
  1. You will now receive a list showing all the Q-Apps installed along with their status. If you have not yet activated a Q-App, you will see the date on which the test period is due to expire. Now select the Q-App that you would like to activate.
  2. To activate a Q-App, select the menu item "Software activation codes."
  3. Enter your activation code and confirm using "Next."
  4. You will receive a message that activation was successful.
  5.  Then your Q-Apps will be displayed with the status "Valid."
  1. Once you have finished importing a Q-App, you will now need to add the name of this app to the task list of your Cubis® balance. For this purpose, press the "Task" button first, then "Edit."
  2. Then select "Create."
  3. In the following menu, scroll down to the menu item “Individual Q-App Workflow" and confirm this item.
  4. In the next menu, select the Q-App that you would like to create in the task list. The menu items displayed may be different, depending on what is saved on your SD card. Press "Next" to confirm the printout parameter settings. Please note that you will not be able to modify the printout parameter settings from within a Q-App.
  5. Next, define which users will be authorized to run this Q-App. Now you will find the Q-App in the task list of your Cubis®.

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