Process Monitoring

User Management

Management of user profile names and passwords provides tamper-proof security.

Action Hierarchy

Cubis® provides alert messages and reminder functions with user-definable action hierarchy for leveling, minimum sample weight – i.e., the desired smallest net weight – and calibration | adjustment.

SQmin Function

During a weighing process, Cubis® monitors compliance of the starting point of its operating range with USP requirements. Once Cubis® has determined the starting point of an operating range, it will alert you whenever a value goes below this lowest point and will identify any unacceptable weights recorded or transferred.

DAkkS Measurement Uncertainty

Following internationally recognized DakkS calibration by the Sartorius Services unit, the characteristic curve of the measurement uncertainty can be read into the software of your Cubis®. As a result, you can choose between having the absolute or relative measurement uncertainty as well as the process accuracy displayed for every weight measured.

Task Management

The Task Management function enables you to define application workflows in your Cubis®. After you have configured a task workflow, you and your other operators will be guided interactively through your weighing process. Information not relevant to this process will be hidden to ensure error-free operation and to let you concentrate fully on the essentials of the task at hand.