Cubis® II user interfaces

Advanced User Interface MCA

Large 7“ color touch display including touch, scroll, swipe functionality with factory installed essential weighing applications and diverse QApp Packages for optional software extension.


  • High-performance touch screen with high resolution and brilliant colors
  • Modern user guidance with outstanding ease of use, even in complex lab situations

Essential User Interface MCE

Large, high-contrast touch display with factory-installed essential weighing applications for easy operation of highest weighing performance.


  • For users who do not have complex applications but need to weigh with the highest level of accuracy
  • High-contrast touch display with clearly structured functionality
  • Easy-to-use essential weighing applications included

Cubis® II Resources

Cubis II MCA Firmware (09-03-03-03.03.20)

ZIP | 273.3 MB

Cubis® II Firmware, MCE (Version 09-05-02.02.06)

ZIP | 571.9 KB

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