Cubis® II For Unlimited Communication: Connectivity And Interfaces

Key benefits of integrating your lab instruments into your LIMS or ELN includes:

  • Better data quality and integrity by eliminating manual data transcription errors
  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity

The Cubis® II supports integration of your lab instrument into...

Cubis® II balances with an MCA interface have three standard-equipped interface ports: USB A, B, C, RS232, and Ethernet. The USB interface allows maximum connectivity through integration of further optional interfaces, such as WLAN.

The Cubis® II offers you the ability to freely select information for printing. Using a Sartorius YDP30 printer also allows you to print barcodes and QR codes. Printing via a network printer is also possible.

Transfer user master data or tasks easily and securely between Cubis® balances with a USB stick.

Communication Protocols

Different software connectors allow easy data exchange over Ethernet.

  • File transfer in text, PDF, or other formats to an FTP or windows file server.
  • Cubis® II is standard-equipped to support ASCII and SICS communication protocols, allowing bidirectional data transfer to LIMS. Have your balance communicate with other manufacturers’ software.

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