Cubis® II: The Configurable Laboratory Balance 

With completely configurable hardware, software, and connectivity, Cubis® II offers a high-performance balance that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements. Now offering two ways to select your balance:

  • Want to personalize your balance? The configurator allows you to customize your hardware and software features tailoring your balance to suit your needs, in just 4 simple steps. Configure your customized balance.
  • Want to streamline the selection process? Choose from 14 of the most popular configurations of Cubis® II, allowing for shorter lead times to receive your new balance. Contact a Sartorius expert to learn more. *Only available for North America and Europe.

Introducing: Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Semi-Micro Balance

Experience the fastest stabilization time under everyday lab conditions, complimented by low minimum sample weight, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with connectivity solutions.

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Choose the Laboratory Balance That Meets Your Weighing Needs

Cubis® II Ultra-Micro and Micro Lab Balance

Offer readability between 0.1 µg and 1 µg and a maximum capacity between 2.1 g and 10.1 g. Used to determine the exact weight of the smallest sample q...

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Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances

Maximum load between 32 g and 111 g and a readability of 1 µg or 2 µg provide the ideal model when weighing small sample amounts into large tare vesse...

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Cubis® II Semi-Micro Lab Balance

Offer readability of 10 µg and a maximum weighing capacity up to 220 g. Used for weighing small sample amounts down to the µg-range.

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Cubis® II Analytical Lab Balance

Maximum weighing capacity between 120 g and 520 g in combination with readability of 0.1 mg.

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Cubis® II Precision Lab Balance

Maximum load between 320 g and 14,200 g and a readability of 1 mg to 100 mg provide, ideal model for every application.

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Cubis® II High-Capacity Lab Balance

Maximum load between 11.2 kg and 70.2 kg and readability between 0.1 g and 1 g provide the ideal model for every application.

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Now Available: Cleaning QApp Software on all Cubis® II MCA Balances

Cleanliness has high importance for laboratory balances. Thanks to the brand-new cleaning app, available on all Cubis® II balances, keeping your balance clean is now a seamless part of your daily routine. We offer solutions for routine and advanced cleaning processes, and the documentation of these steps helps integrate cleaning into SOPs and audit trail reports. 

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Cubis® II Configurator: Your Custom Balance in 4 Easy Steps

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Cubis® II Modular Premium Laboratory Balance

Weighing in a regulated environment can be complex, with stringent compliance directives and controls required to deliver the accuracy and reliability of results required by the pharmaceutical industry. One of the technologies helping scientists to achieve this level of accuracy is the Cubis® II balance series from Sartorius.

All weighing modules of the Cubis® II balance are designed for intuitive operation, further aided by intelligent diagnostic systems. These design elements guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while lowering the probability of human error during measurement. It offers modern user interfaces, pharmaceutical and GxP compliance, including data handling, data integrity and connectivity, ergonomic sample handling, easy process integration, and unlimited communication at the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Ultra-high-resolution balances is the latest addition to the Cubis II line. With a maximum load between 32 g and 111 g and a readability of 1 µg or 2 µg these balances are especially designed to weigh in smallest sample amounts into large tare vessels. 

Download the Cubis® II Brochure   Download the Cubis® II Ultra High-Resolution Brochure

Explore Cubis® II Features


  • NEW: Cleaning QApp software helps to guide you step-by-step during the process and tracks each cleaning for your audit trails and compliance
  • QApp software comes in a standard package or can be customized to fit into your workflow needs 
  • QApp software is intuitive and easy to validate which reduces testing efforts 
  • Long-term flexibility and guaranteed adaptation to evolving regulatory and laboratory needs

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  • Thousands of Hardware and Software Configurations.
  • Choose from a range of 50 different weighing modules the one that fits best with your preferences.
  • Choose two user interfaces and seven draft shields for a great variety of possible hardware configurations.
  • Licensable hardware options like ionizer and motorized draft shield for ultra-high-resolution balances.

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Confident Compliance

  • Achieve 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 Compliance
  • Complete Traceability
  • Submission-Ready Data
  • Governance Through User Management
  • Integration of your SOPs

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  • Data quality maintained by elimination of manual data transcription errors
  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity
  • Central data storage
  • Lab managers can review transferred, non-modified data in the system
  • Full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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Cubis® II Connectivity & Compliance Video

For customers requiring Pharmaceutical and GxP compliance, the Cubis® II platform is the only laboratory balance on the market today that offers fully customizable hardware, software and connectivity.

Cell Passaging with Mycap® CCX and Cubis® II

Cell culture expansion via multiple passaging steps is necessary when going from stock culture to Bioreactor for large-scale growth. Sartorius introduces the Mycap® CCX cell culture expansion system, designed for aseptic cell culture expansion outside a laminar flow hood with no risk of contamination. 

Learn more about Mycap® CCX

Be Compliant with European Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.1.7

Ensure Pharmacopoeia Compliance and meet the requirements of the new European Pharmacopoeia's Chapter 2.1.7 - "Balances for Analytical Purposes" - with the Cubis® II lab balance.

European Pharmacopoeia Compliance

Cubis® II Wins 2021 iF Design Award

Sartorius was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, Cubis® II, won in the discipline Product, in the Medicine | Health category. Cubis® II won over the 98-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its unique features. The competition was intense: almost 10,000 entries were submitted from 52 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

Cubis® II Applications

Pharma Compliant Weighing

Complying with regulatory requirements is the highest guarantee for product safety, efficacy and process efficiency. See how Cubis® II balances offer high performance, meet your regulatory requirements and support safe workflow management during your daily weighing processes.

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Sample Prep Solutions for HPLC & More

Our analytical sample preparation solutions combine our legendary quality and reliability with our design wisdom to provide the very best results in high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and other analytical test methods. Rely on Sartorius solutions and benefit from optimized workflows for accurate results.

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NEW: 2024 Guide to Lab Balances and Scales

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Cubis® II Resources

Application Note

Integration of Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances into STARLIMS™ from Abbott Informatics

Abbott Informatics and Sartorius have developed a solution that makes it easy to integrate the Cubis® II laboratory balance into STARLIMS™ with a plug-and-play connection via recognized IT standards and a sufficient protection against data integrity problems.

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21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Checklist

The Cubis®️ II balance, with the pharma package, contains all the technical controls to support compliance with common regulations. Full compliance can be achieved with additional procedural controls and systems for long-term data storage. This checklist helps you to keep an eye on relevant details of the regulation. In addition, you can see how Cubis®️ II is offering solutions to be fully pharma compliant.

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Application Highlight

Minimized Surface to Maximize Measurement Accuracy

In areas of chemical analysis such as quantitative gravimetric, thermogravimetry or elemental analysis, accuracy plays an essential role. When weighing minimum sample quantities with a laboratory balance, it is important to make sure a spilled sample does not fall directly into the sample container and affect weighing results. Learn about the Anti Spilling Weighing Pan for Cubis® II Ultra-micro and Micro Balances in this application note.

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Looking for More Lab Weighing Content? 

Visit our lab weighing resources page to access whitepapers, application notes, webinars and more!

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Brochure: Cubis® ll Ultra-High-Resolution Balances

PDF | 3.1 MB

Brochure: Cubis® II — Your Balance, Your Way

PDF | 5.5 MB

Cubis®️ ll Sample Holders

PDF | 2.0 MB

Brochure: Cubis®️ Laboratory Balances in Vaccine Research and Development

PDF | 747.7 KB

Broschüre: Cubis® II — Ihre Waage, Ihr Weg

PDF | 8.2 MB

Folleto: Cubis® II — Tu balanza, tu manera

PDF | 8.1 MB

Brochure: Cubis® II — Votre balance, votre référence

PDF | 5.6 MB

Opuscolo: Cubis® II — La vostra bilancia, la vostra configurazione

PDF | 5.5 MB


eBook: Cubis® II QApp

PDF | 7.0 MB

Cubis® II Firmware

Cubis® II, MCA Firmware

Download our latest software to ensure optimal functionality of your Cubis® II MCA balance.

Download MCA Firmware

Cubis® II, MCE Firmware

Download our latest software to ensure optimal functionality of your Cubis® II MCE balance.

Download MCE Firmware


Lab Balance Cubis II Ultra High Resolution Datasheet

PDF | 1.3 MB

Product Data Sheet and Technical Specifications - Cubis® II

PDF | 2.0 MB

Datenblatt: Cubis® II

PDF | 2.1 MB

La hoja de datos: Cubis® II

PDF | 2.1 MB

Fiche technique: Cubis® II

PDF | 2.1 MB

Scheda Tecnica: Cubis® II

PDF | 2.1 MB


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