Sample Holders for ergonomic weighing and error free weighing tasks

New accessories, which make lab life easier

  • Choose from 12 different sample holders designed for great variety of vials, flasks and samples.
  • Faster response time, better weighing stability
  • Made of high quality titanium, preventing corrosion and magnetic influences.

Filter Pan

The new filter pan YSH30 enables flawless weighing of filters up to a diameter of 150mm, designed for semi-micro and analytical balances.

50mm (YSH34), 75mm (YSH35) and 90mm (YSH36) filter holders are available for ultra-micro and micro balances.

Available filter pans:

  • 150mm (YSH30)
  • 50mm (YSH34)
  • 75mm (YSH35)
  • 90mm (YSH36)

Save-Lock Tube Holders

The new holders for reaction tubes up to 2 mL (YSH13 for micro-balances and YSH15 for semi-micro and analytical balances) and up to 5mL (YSH19 for semi-micro and analytical balances) enables easy and safe positioning of Eppendorf tubes and centrifuge reaction tubes on the balance.

Available Save-Lock tube holders:

  • 2 mL for micro-balances (YSH13)
  • 2 mL for semi-micro and analytical balances (YSH15)
  • Up to 5 mL for both semi-micro and analytical balances (YSH19)

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Holders for Vials and Round bottom Flasks

The new holder YSH37 allows easy positioning of round-bottom flasks or without a fixed stand on the weighing pan.

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Syringe Holder

The new holder YSH46 allows easy positioning of  different sizes of syringes on the weighing pan. Enables flawless weighing of filled or unfilled syringes for example for calibration.

Holder for Weighing Boats or Papers

The new holder YSH26 allows easy positioning and secure fixation of weighing boats or weighing papers on the pan. Moreover, it also reduces influences of electrostatic influences because of the  Faraday cage effect.

Vials Holder

The new reaction tube holder YSH23 enables easy positioning in different directions for easy dosing of substances into the tube opening for different sizes of reaction tubes

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