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Arium® Smart Station Special Launch Offer - First 100 Bundles Only

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Get Your Arium® Smart Station with an Arium® Bagtank and Consumables

Enabling highest flexibility for your daily application

The Arium® Smart Station is designed for flexible remote dispensing of pure water directly at the point. Due to its intelligent design, it can easily integrate into your lab space.

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Limited Quantity Offer: 100 Bundles Available

Get an Arium® Bagtank 50 with the new Arium® Smart Station for up to 56% off*

This package includes:

  • Arium® Bagtank 50 Liter
  • Arium® Smart Station (Pure)
  • Arium® Bag 50
  • Arium® Smart Station Sterile Filter

*offer currently not available in US or Canada

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Simplifying Water Dispensing at an Unbeatable Price

Arium® Smart Station

Flexible remote dispenser

  • Compact: Save space integrating into your lab
  • Intuitive: Touch-activated color display with direct access to all important functions
  • Flexible: Step-less height adjustment to fill different size containers
  • Ergonomic Design: Hand-held for optimized left or right-hand operation
  • Accurate: Precise volume dispense for reliable buffer and sample preparation

Arium® Bagtank 50 Liter

Unique bagtank technology

  • Safe: Closed system guarantees stable quality thanks to including venting filter with integrated check valve
  • Time efficient: Easy bag exchange in less than 5 minutes
  • Maintenance free: No need for chemical cleaning procedure
  • Stable quality: Optimum water quality by prevention of a permanent biofilm thanks to special multilayer S71 bag material

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