Sartoflow® Expert SU: Versatile Single-Use TFF

Extension package for safe ADC synthesis

The Sartoflow® Expert SU is a flexible, fully automated single-use TFF system for process development up to pilot-scale manufacturing of mAbs, vaccines, viral vectors, pDNA, highly viscous products, and bioconjugates like ADCs. With its innovative design, it can be configured to combine up to three steps on one skid — mixing, 0.2 µm filtration, and ultrafiltration/diafiltration in a robust fully closed single-loop system ensuring operator safety and product integrity.


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One-skid solution is safe and efficient

A single system streamlines three steps (mixing, filtration, UF/DF) and eliminates product transfer.

Fully scalable single-use solution

Versatile cGMP single-use TFF system provides seamless transition from 1-20 L scale.

Flexible process sequencing

The system has the flexibility to accommodate different sequences of process steps.

Reduced bioburden, ready-to-use system

A gamma irradiated closed-loop system prevents leaks and eliminates cleaning and cleaning validation efforts.

Cost-efficient single-use TFF

Improves cost-efficiency by eliminating the need for oversized systems.

Explore the Sartoflow® Expert SU System

The Sartoflow® Expert SU is a modular single-use system offering numerous standard and optional features. The TFF base unit for UF and DF applications can be extended with additional modules and consumables. 

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Recirculation & Mixing

Double Jacketed Bag Holder & 20 L 3D Single-Use Mixing Bags

In addition to the recirculation tank, the system is configurable with a second bag holder for an additional mixing solution on the skid. The corresponding Flexsafe® single-use 3D mixing bags allow efficient mixing and temperature control in 1–20 L scale. An integrated sampling port and sensors allow continual quality monitoring. The conical shape of the bags and bag holder enable maximum drainage for highest yields. All materials in product contact are resistant to organic solvents.

TFF Cassettes

Broad Range of Self-contained Units 

Sartocube® and Sartocon® Self-Contained Units are pre-sterilized disposable units for use in cGMP environments.

  • Available in a variety of MWCOs and in polyethersulfone (PES) and Hydrosart® membrane types
  • Pre-flushed, sterile, ready to use 
  • No need for CIP, water flush and validation 
  • High product yield and high sustained flux due to low protein-binding membrane 
  • Glue-free/reduced extractables 

Available sizes (m²): 0.14, 0.28, 0.42, 1.4 
Each available in MWCO (kDa): 10, 30, 100, 300

Single-Use Closed Loop

Fully Single-Use Closed Loop for Bioburden-Reduced Processing

The single-use flow kits for Sartoflow® Expert SU are gamma-irradiated and can be connected in a fully closed loop, including single-use bags and self-contained TFF cassettes. A 5-piston single-use membrane recirculation pump with overpressure protection is part of the feed flow kit. All materials in product contact are resistant to organic solvents.

  • Bioburden reduced
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Spill-free process and disassembly
  • Reduced hands-on time
  • No cleaning or validation efforts

 Start With Your Ideal Configuration  

 Start With Your Ideal Configuration  

The system’s base unit contains state-of-the-art technology for Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration process steps, featuring

  • A filter holder for 0.14, 0.28, 0.42, 1.4 m² self-contained units
  • A recirculation pump and vessel
  • Two peristaltic pumps for product and buffer addition
  • Pressure-, flow-, conductivity sensors
  • Automated pneumatic pinch valves
  • Automated membrane valves in the retentate (TMP control) and permeate line
  • Two connections for external balances

Select additional single features to add to the system TFF Base Unit or choose the complete Extension Package – adding 2nd mixing on board (e.g., for bioconjugation) and other features to get the most out of the system’s capabilities.

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TFF Base Unit

Extension Package

Additional Mixing Vessel 

Not Available


Sterilizing-Grade Filtration



Peristaltic Media Addition Pumps (4x)



Temperature Control Unit (TCU)



Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)



External Display

Not Available


ADC Application: Automated Toxin Transfer 

Not Available


UV Detection



ADC Applications

ADC Manufacturing, Streamlined

Currently, ADC synthesis, precipitate removal, and subsequent TFF occur within separate unit operations. Time-consuming and risky transfer steps are necessary between process steps. The Sartoflow® Expert SU is the first fully automated single-use system to streamline these three steps on one system, simplifying ADC processing while providing safety for both the operator and product.

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Application Note: Performance of Sartoflow® Expert SU in ADC Processes

Learn more about the capabilities of the Sartoflow® Expert SU for ADC processes, configurable to perform incubation, purification, and concentration of ADC synthesis.

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Piramal Uses Sartoflow Expert SU for ADC Process: See the Results

Process timeline shortened by 70%. Easy single-use set up. High performance retained. Read their story and see their results using Sartoflow Expert SU.

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Safety & Integrity

Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

Reduce risk with these features:

  • Fully closed-loop with chemical compatibility of all materials in product contact
  • Integrated overpressure protection in single-use pump head
  • Pre-use integrity test of single-use bags
  • Operational from outside an isolator or fume hood with detached touch panel and safety door switch  
  • Uninterrupted power supply: system runs additional 10 minutes in case of power failure to secure the process and data
  • Optional UV detection in permeate as protein guard

Streamlined Process

Three Unit Operations in One Fully Automated Single-Use Solution

Sartoflow® Expert SU streamlines three unit operations on one skid

  • Fully closed single-use loop limits bioburden
  • Low holdup volume around 400 mL
  • Eliminate transfer between unit operations and potential exposure to cytotoxic compounds, thus providing safety for both the operator and the product.


Accelerate Transition to Commercial

One system can facilitate the transition from process development, toxicology studies, and clinical trials to low-volume commercial production, saving time and enabling consistent and reproducible processes. In addition, the system enables the adaption of flexible process sequences for varied conjugation strategies.

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General Specification


~450 kg 

System dimensions (length × depth × height)

Base Unit: 1,430 x 755 x 1,755 mm (nominal)

With 2nd bag holder: 1,875 x 755 x 1,755 mm (nominal) 

CGMP Available 


System Specification

Membrane Area 

0.14, 0.28, 0.42, 1.4 m² 

Vessel Volume 

20 L 3D mixing & temperature control 

Flow Rate / Pump Capacity - Recirculation  

up to 900 L/h 

Flow Rate / Pump Capacity - Media Addition Pumps 

Up to 1,500 mL / min 

Minimum Recirculation Volume 

~600 mL 

Process Mode (Multi-Use / Single-Use) 


Max. Pressure 

4 bar | 58 psi 

Wettware Specification

Tube ID 

3/8" (9.6 mm)  


Sterile (aseptic) 


Pressure (TMP, inlet, outlet, delta pressure) 

Flow (permeate, retentate, feed) 

Temperature (bags) 

pH (2nd mixing bag) 

Conductivity (recirculation bag) 

UV (permeate / optional) 

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Application Note

Performance of Sartoflow® Expert SU in ADC Processes

PDF | 1.0 MB

Sartoflow® Expert SU Single-Use TFF System Configurable for ADC Synthesis

PDF | 709.9 KB

Advantages of Single-Use Crossflow Filtration in ADC Processes

PDF | 177.6 KB

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Consult Our Experts

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