Sartoflow® 1000* Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration System​

For Process Control and Ease of Use at Clinical and Production Scale

The Sartoflow® 1000* single-use tangential flow filtration systems (SUTFF) offers all of the controls and instrumentation for running fully automated UF|DF processes for batch volumes of 20 - 500 L (200 g to 2.5 kg). The system is compact, has low hold-up volume and has the capacity to run cassette surface areas from 0.5 to 2.5 m²

  • Designed for efficiency in single-use TFF applications

  • High level of operation-based automation

  • User-friendly and quick set-up time

* The Allegro™ CS1000 product name has been changed to Sartoflow® 1000 as part of the product integration into the Sartorius TFF Portfolio. Both product names will be equivalents until the successfull harmonization of all collaterals towards Sartoflow® 1000.

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Key System Features

  • Single-use TFF System with low hold-up volume and the capacity to run cassette surface areas from 0.5 to 2.5 m²

  • Easy set-up and installation of flow kits
  • Intuitive control system employing step editor software

  • Interactive P&ID-based user interface with dynamic flow path

  • Suitable for low shear applications

  • GAMP and GxP design

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System Concept

The single-use TFF system offers a combination of hardware, control system and single-use flow kits designed to work together perfectly. A smart system design ensures ease of use when running fully automated TFF process sequences with complete single-use flow kits incorporating all critical sensor and instrumentation technologies.

  • The single-use TFF system facilitates automated processing of batch volumes from 20 - 500 L of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and vaccines processes
  • The single-use sensors provide the means to fully monitor and control the process

Control System

The automation concept is based on the Process Step Editor (PSE), which allows the user to configure automated process sequences (operations) in a very simple and user friendly way. This is an intuitive control system that is ideally suited for use in the single-use TFF system and has an operation editor that allows easy generation and configuration of end-user-specific processes.

  • Software complies with 21 CFR Part 11
  • The user can select the transition points that move the process from one step to the next (with an “and | or” logic) by selecting one or more process parameters such as conductivity, retentate volume, permeate volume or bag weight
  • Further flexibility is added as the system allows the configuration and use of loop and jump functions, making selective step repetitions feasible. Once selected by the operator, batch reports are automatically generated for each step at the end of a batch

Technical Specification

Membrane area

0.5 – 2.5 m²

Recirculation pump

Quattroflow™* 1200SU

4-piston diaphragm pump

20 – 1000 L/h

Fed batch | buffer pump

Ismatec Flowmaster™** FMT300

peristaltic pump, ISM drive

6 – 600 L/h with 12.7 mm element

Over pressure protection


Maximum pressure

4 barg | 58 psig

Volume in feed and retentate flow kit

650 mL

Operating temperature range

4 – 40°C

Weight of empty system

350 kg

Pneumatic supply

6 bar | 90 psi

System dimensions (length × depth × height)

EMEA | Asia:
1920 × 1000 × 1718 mm (nominal)

2050 × 1200 × 1750 mm (nominal)


EMEA | Asia :
230 VAC, 1-phase 50 Hz

US :
120 VAC, 1-phase 60 Hz

*Quattroflow™ is a trademark of Dover Company

**Ismatec FLowmaster™ is a trademark of Cole-Parmer GmbH

Product Contact Materials


Materials of Construction


Platinum cured silicone, reinforced in high pressure sections

Product recirculation pump

Diafiltration | fed batch pump

Machined polypropylene head,
EPDM valves and O-rings,
*Santoprene™ diaphragm

Molded polypropylene head, polypropylene ports,
EPDM valves and O-rings,
Santoprene™ diaphragm

Connectors and fittings


Single sensors:

  • Pressure, UV
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Conductivity


Polysulfone with stainless sensor and silicon ring

PVDF with ruby bearing

Polysulfone with gold electrode

Sanitary fittings

Polypropylene, gaskets silicone

TC gaskets


Diaphragm valves

Body polypropylene, diaphragm TPE

Distribution plate


*Santoprene™ is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation

Quality Standards

Sartorius maintains a pragmatic approach to quality of purchased and manufactured components. The system hardware is designed and built to well recognized industry standards:

  • Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) current version​

  • Code of Federal Regulations 21 – Good Manufacturing Practice for finished pharmaceuticals

  • 2004|108|EC​ - Software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records, signature and audit trail​

  • The rules governing medicinal products in the European Community, Volume IV (EMEA | Asia), and Good Manufacturing practice for medicinal products, Annex 11, computerized systems

  • The quality management system of the manufacturing is certified according to DIN EN ISO9001

Single-Use Flow Kits

  • Manufactured in a controlled environment (Class 7 in operation according to ISO 14644) under a quality system certified according to ISO 9001
  • Feature components tested for biocompatibility and certified according to USP<88>
  • Feature components certified as TSE | BSE-free
  • Manufactured according to a validated assembly process
  • Supplied double-bagged and irradiated with a minimum dose of 25 kGy


The combination of single-use technologies and automation provides many benefits in bioprocessing.

Full process automation​

Enables precise and consistent operation and control of key parameters​.
Minimizes mundane operator interactions.

Fully disposable flowpaths

Easy system installation​.
Reduces cleaning time, improves productivity and provides cost savings in manufacturing.

Single-use sensors

Monitoring and control of key TFF process parameters.
Enables automated control of processing to optimum conditions.

Process step editor software

Flexibility to create recipes to suit individual processes.
Monitors all process variables and provides data logging and batch reports.


Sartoflow® 1000: Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration System

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