Filter Transfer Sets

Single-use Sensor and Filter Assemblies

Qualified. Sterile. Ready-to-use.

Biomanufacturers increasingly rely on modular single-use systems designed for flexible use. To satisfy this need, Sartorius offers a wide range of filter and sensor assemblies that can be built to your unique needs, simplifying bioprocesses from development to manufacturing.

With over 20 years of experience manufacturing single-use solutions, Sartorius can help tame the complexities of modular manufacturing. You benefit both from our expertise and our single-use filter and sensor assemblies to accelerate time to market, improve manufacturing flexibility and reduce costs.

Reduced Turnaround Time

Our experts will work with you to create the design for your filter or sensor assemblies in minutes, and you will receive them within a few weeks.

Reduced Risk

All standardized assemblies pass comprehensive qualification, sterility and transport validation.

Flexible Design

A full range of filters, sensors, connectors and tubing types are available to accommodate any new or existing processes.

Rapid Implementation

Our ready-to-use filter and sensor assemblies arrive pre-assembled, qualified, and sterile for easy implementation.

Find the Right Single-Use Assemblies for Your Process

Whether you need a simple single-use assembly for particle or bioburden reduction or a more complex assembly for virus filtration or final sterile filtration with PUPSIT (Pre-Use-Post-Sterilization-Integrity-Test) capability, we help you to find your assembly from process development to commercial manufacturing. Our experts can help you standardize and harmonize your single-use assemblies, no matter how complex it seems today. 

Filter Assemblies

Virus Filter Assemblies

Filter Assemblies Final Filling

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Large Scale Filter Assemblies

Product Name

Filter Transfer Sets

Virus Filter Transfer Sets

Filter Transfer Sets Final Filling

Sensor Transfer Sets

Maxicaps® MR


PD - Commercial Manufacturing

PD - Commercial Manufacturing

Clinical - Commercial Manufacturing

PD - Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing

Filtration Area

0.016 - 3 m2 
0.17 - 32.3 ft2

0.2 - 2.4 m2
2.15 - 28.8 ft2

0.05 - 1 m2
0.5 - 10.8 ft2


3 - 27 m2
32.3 - 290.6 ft2

Delivery Condition





Non-sterile | Sanitary | Sterile

Sterilization Method

Gamma irradiation | Autoclave

Gamma irradiation

Gamma irradiation

Gamma irradiation

None | Gamma irradiation / Autoclave

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Filter Assemblies

Filter Transfer Sets

Configurable filter assemblies consist of filter capsules assembled with tubing and connectors for immediate connection to single-use or stainless-steel systems. 

Filter Transfer Sets offer: 

  • Particle, pre- and bioburden reduction filters 
  • Sterile and mycoplasma retention filters     
  • Standardized configurations for rapid implementation   
  • Broad choice of components, filters, tubes and connectors 
  • Closed system available  

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Virus Filter Assemblies

Virus Filter Transfer Units

Virus filter transfer sets integrate different sizes of Virosart® HF and Virosart® Media virus filter into a single-use setup. They arrive pre-assembled, pre-sterilized and fully pre-qualified, enabling fast installation and ready-to-use operations within single-use processes. The smart Virosart® capsule features a low-footprint design, with minimal flushing volumes.   

Virus Filter Transfer Sets offer:

  • Virosart® HF and Virosart® Media filters  
  • Closed system
  • Operating pressure up to 3 barg 
  • Various tubing lengths and connectors 
  • Integrated flow restrictor for optimal wetting available

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Filter Assemblies Final Filling

Filter Transfer Sets Final Filling

Our pre-designed solution for filtration in final filling is an industry-first. Sartorius filter assemblies for final filling can reduce lead times by up to 80%. Standardized product design with consistent operating procedures facilitates handling and reduces operator errors, regardless of filter type and size. The qualified, sterile filter transfer set for final filling complies with PUPSIT requirements contained in the EU GMP Annex 1.   

Filter Transfer Sets Final Filling offer:  

  • Pre-designed: Fast availability 
  • Regulatory compliance: PUPSIT optimized 
  • High standardization: Promote usability and mitigate risks 
  • Stainless steel holder: Engineered to limit product loss 
  • Full flexibility: Various filter types and sizes, single and redundant filtration 

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Sensor Assemblies

Sensor Transfer Sets

Sensor Assemblies consist of BioPAT® Pressure or BioPAT® Flow sensors. They are pre-assembled with tubing and connectors for immediate connection to single-use or hybrid stainless-steel systems. 

Sensor Transfer Set offer:  

  • BioPAT® Pressure sensors 
  • BioPAT® Flow sensors 
  • Broad choice of tubes and connectors 

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Large Scale Filter Assemblies

Maxicaps® MR

Maxicaps® MR enables large-scale filtration in biopharmaceutical applications. Compact and ready-to-use, Maxicaps® MR devices not only mitigate risk due to their ease of use and minimized handling, but they also save significant time.  

Maxicaps® MR offer:  

  • Filtration area up to 27 m²  
  • Particle, pre-, bioburden reduction and virus filters 
  • Quick setup and mobility 
  • Closed system design 
  • Full disposability 

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Filter Transfer Sets for Final Filling

Standardized Filter Transfer Sets for Final Filling Increase Speed to Market and Mitigates Risks

Typically, customized designs of filter assemblies for final filling require extended design phases involving development and testing of prototypes with lead times of at least six months. This compromises speed to market, while custom design leads to constantly changing protocols, which increases the risk of operational errors. 

Sartorius’ preconfigured single-use Filter Transfer Sets for Final Filling reduce wait times up to 80%. Standardized product design and consistent operating procedures facilitate handling and reduce the risk of operator error, regardless of filter type and size. The qualified, sterile filter transfer set for final filling complies with PUPSIT requirements contained in the EU GMP Annex 1. 

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Filter Assemblies Engineered to Your Needs


While standard assemblies cover many needs, Sartorius understands that there are specific needs that require special single-use assemblies. 

Our Engineer-To-Order (ETO) process enables the development of customized solutions. 

  • Dedicated project management
  • Fast delivery of prototypes
  • High flexibility due to extensive base of qualified components

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Virus clearance validation services

Confidence® Virus Clearance Services: Quicker LRV Results

Validate the viral reduction performance of Virosart® HF with our Confidence® Services: Highly purified viruses and expert knowledge.

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