Virus Safety in Any Process

Unique Orthogonal Platform for State of the Art Virus Clearance

Sartorius offers a unique technology platform to help you fulfil increasing regulatory requirements in every application. We provide four orthogonal technologies for inactivation and removal of virus particles. You will benefit from the flexibility to choose the right method for your virus clearance process. Learn more how Sartobind® membrane chromatography and Virosart® filtration represent today's spearheading technology for quantitative virus clearance. Extend your choice with the FlexAct® VI system for low pH virus inactivation or the FlexAct® VR for virus filtration.

Virus Retentive Membranes For Every Application

Independent from your application all our membranes assure most reliable virus retention even under challenging process conditions. Be flexible to choose between three different Virosart® virus retentive membranes based on your process requirements. You will find the best performer for your process conditions providing highest virus safety to your patient.

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Chromatography as Easy as Filtration

Achieve the shortest process times for your polishing step. The macroporous structure (>3 µm) of our Sartobind® chromatography membranes provide fastest flow rates and up to tenfold higher binding capacity for viruses. Starting with less validation requirements this technology assures you fastest and reliable virus removal for your process.

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Single-Use System for Virus Clearance

Fast and flexible process implementation of your virus inactivation step with the FlexAct® VI systems for virus inactivation (VI). Low pH virus inactivation performed within a unique fully single-use set up which could easily be modified for individual needs. This approach guarantees highest safety to your final patient combined with maximum flexibility during operation.

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Application Report: Virus Clearance

Effect of Flux Decay on Virus Retention: 20 nm retentive virus removal filters are a well established, robust method for clearing both large and small viruses within a purification process.

Effect of Flux Decay on Virus Retention - Virosart® CPV

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