First Virus Retentive Filter for Cell Culture Media

Virus-retentive filtration is a highly efficient method for viral risk mitigation of cell culture media. This filter targets both non-enveloped viruses, such as MVM and vesivirus, and large enveloped viruses, such as MuLV. Virosart® Media is especially designed for virus filtration of chemically defined cell culture media.

Virus Risk Mitigation in Media Preparation

Multiple bioreactor contaminations reported over the past several years have been caused by small, non-enveloped viruses like MVM and vesivirus derived from raw materials.

New Strategy

A new strategy is the removal of viruses before the bioreactor already after media preparation to prevent potential contaminations of the bioreactor. Virus filtration is a proven and well established technology within the market to remove all kind of viruses (> 20 nm range).

Our Solution: Virosart® Media

Virosart® Media is a virus retentive filter specially developed for upstream applications. The newly developed media filter overcomes today’s bottlenecks of virus filters originally developed for downstream applications and provides a cost effective solution in upstream with highest filter capacity for cell culture media.


Viral risk mitigation in media preparation of:

  • Chemically defined cell culture media
  • Addition of media supplement such as CaCl2
  • Powder as well as liquid media

Product Highlights

Highest safety for the bioreactor   

  • ≥ 4 LRV for small non-enveloped viruses
  • ≥ 6 LRV for large enveloped viruses 

New high-performance PES membranes

  • Perfect economical solution for upstream virus media filtration
  • Highest capacities and flow rates
  • No impact on cell culture performance
Sterile delivery due to gamma irradiatable capsule design
  • Ready to use
  • Easy implementation into single-use processes

Technical Proof

The performance of the newly developed virus retentive filter for risk mitigation within cell culture media was evaluated for different commercially available media.

Retentive Capacities

The Virosart® Media shows high retention for all tested organisms.

PP7Proven bacteriophage model for parvoviruses≥ 4
MVMModel virus for small non-enveloped virus  ≥ 4
MuLVModel virus for large enveloped viruses    

≥ 6


In total >15 different commercially available cell culture media were tested with the Virosart® Media. 

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Virus Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media

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Evaluating the Filterability of Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media with the Virosart® Media Filter

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Retention Characteristics of Virosart® Media when filtering Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media

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Influence of Cell Culture Media Components on the Filtration Characteristics of Virosart® Media

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Evaluation of Impact on Cell Growth using Chemically defined Cell Culture Media filtered through the Virosart® Media Filter

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Risk Mitigation for Calcium Chloride Solution as an Additive to Cell Culture Media Using High Flux Virus Filters

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Virosart® Media

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Case Study: Virus Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media

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Contamination Risk Mitigation in Cell Culture Media Preparation

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How to Use Virosart® Media

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