'Convecdiff' Base Membrane for Intensified mAb Capture

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In-Depth Data on the Performance of Our New 'Convecdiff' Membrane

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Intensified processing is achieved using high throughput tools that are most often also single-use, scaled-down and cost-effective. Applying this concept to a mAb capture step will require new high throughput and high productivity materials. We developed a new 'convecdiff' base membrane that delivers high mass transfer and high permeability, thus resolving the limitations of diffusional and purely convective materials.

This poster presents the following findings:

  • New 'convecdiff' base membrane allows intensified mAb capture
  • Short cycle time, caustic stability, low pressure drops and low fouling propensity ensure optimal process performance
  • Lifetime utilization and process miniaturization facilitate cost-effective production of clinical and commercial drug substance

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