Sartoclear Dynamics®

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The powerful body feed technology enables a single step harvest of animal cell cultures. The clarification process with Sartoclear Dynamics® requires certain equipment to ensure a quick and dust-free transfer of the diatomaceous earth (DE) as well as the proper processing of mammalian cell culture.

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Sartoclear Dynamics® Filter

Sartoclear Dynamics® Filters are based on body feed filtration and designed for challenging harvesting applications.

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Sartoclear® Manifold Set

The manifold set contains the inlet and outlet plates for Sartoclear Dynamics® and Sartoclear® Depth Filters as well as Sartobind® Cassettes.

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Sartoclear Dynamics® DE Bags

Sartoclear Dynamics® DE Bags are pre-filled bags with an ultra-pure grade of diatomaceous earth (DE) especially developed for cGMP processing.

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Sartoclear Dynamics® KIT

The Sartoclear Dynamics® Kit enables a safe and clean transfer of diatomaceous earth from the Sartoclear Dynamics® DE-Bag to the Magmix bag.

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Magmix® Bags for DE Suspension

The Magmix Bags for suspension of the diatomaceous earth (DE) are magnetically driven mix bags using the Pall patented magnetic Mixer technology.

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Filter Holder

Hydraulic clamping systems designed for Sartoclear Dynamics® clarification filters and Sartobind® membrane chromatography cassettes.

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Electrical Bag Hoist

A battery operated tool enabling safe lifting and transportation of large single-use products, such as powder bags and single-use bioreactors.

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Adapter for Powder Bags and Sartoclear Dynamics® DE Bags

Adapter for easy handling of powder bags and Sartoclear Dynamics® DE bags with the electrical bag hoist.

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Palletank for Mixing

Palletank For Mixing is a stainless steel container designed to perfectly fit with the Flexel® Bag for LevMixer® or Flexel® Bag for Magnetic Mixer.

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