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Chromatography is the workhorse of downstream bioprocesses, but capture chromatography is one of the most expensive and rate-limiting steps. Low flow rates extend the processing time and limit the productivity of downstream production. Non-value-added activities – such as column packing and system cleaning – also strain resources and increase risk, operational area, and footprint.   

These chromatography challenges create broad opportunities for improving efficiency during downstream processes. It is time for the industry to collectively re-imagine chromatography to overcome these obstacles.

Imagine Being Ahead of the Curve

Re-Imagine Chromatography

The industry is on the cusp of a paradigm shift in chromatography. By embracing more effective technologies and adopting process intensification strategies, you can pioneer these innovations and establish next-generation, streamlined purification processes.

Explore our range of systems specifically designed for intensification and chromatography media to start building an efficient downstream process tailored to your needs.

Advantages of a Membrane-Based Chromatography Process

Membrane chromatography offers key benefits compared to resin-based chromatography. Its open structure supports faster flow rates, accelerating process timelines and lowering the cost of goods. Single-use plug-and-play membranes reduce non-value-added steps such as packing and free-up space compared to resins, which necessitate storage for reuse across multiple batches.

Our Sartobind® Membrane toolbox – now including the Sartobind® Rapid A - covers the entire mAb workflow from capture to polish.

Explore Our Sartobind® Membrane Toolbox

Ready to Start Your Intensification Journey?

Process intensification is widely recognized as an optimal solution for addressing challenges such as low productivity, high resin costs, long process timelines, and high facility footprint.
Process intensification strategies can be applied to standalone unit operations or applied to more than one operation to create a connected or semi-connected process.  

Sartorius Resolute® chromatography systems offer the flexibility to perform intensified chromatography or to intensify your entire downstream process platform.

Explore Resolute® BioSMB   |   Explore Resolute® BioSC

Purify With Sartobind®

Sartobind® Rapid A has several benefits compared to Protein A resins:

  • Up to 14x more productivity at capture using rapid cycling
  • No column-packing required, freeing up resources
  • Lifetime utilization is achieved in one batch, minimizing storage requirements

Our Sartobind® Membrane toolbox covers the entire workflow and offers up to 30x productivity gain during polishing in flowthrough mode.

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Intensify with Resolute® BioSMB

Are you ready to re-imagine your chromatography workflow? Multi-column chromatography supports better resin utilization, meaning considerable savings, especially at the affinity capture step.

Intensify your capture chromatography with the Resolute® BioSMB multi-column chromatography system:

  • Up to 80% reduction in resin volumes and costs
  • Up to 5x increase in productivity
  • Reduced buffer consumption

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Intensify with Resolute® BioSC

Are you ready to re-imagine your entire downstream process? Our multi-step chromatography solutions support the connected and continuous operation of multiple steps on a single system.

Intensify your downstream workflow with the Resolute® BioSC multi-step chromatography system.

  • Up to 3x reduction in footprint
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Up to 40% reduction in batch time
  • Modular concept means you can configure the system to fit your process needs

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Explore Our Wider Chromatography Portfolio

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Webinar | Intensifying mAbs Processing for Robust Manufacturing

Connecting & intensifying your mAbs processing can improve productivity. See an example in action in this ondemand webinar.

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Webinar | Imagine seamless scale up to rapid cycling 

Learn how chromatography membranes offer advantages over protein A resins.

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