Resolute® BioSC

Moving From a Chromatography Skid to Integrated Downstream Processing

Biopharma companies are facing major challenges today, with rising drug production costs as well as lower production volumes due to an unpredictable demand. To achieve the necessary reductions in both costs of goods (CoG) and infrastructure and operational costs, they integrate Process Intensification strategies into their production schemes.

We have embedded specific features into the Resolute® BioSC low pressure liquid chromatography (LPLC) platform enabling batch, multiple multi-column processes (parallel batch, continuous chromatography) or multi-step integration resulting in Process Intensification. 

Reduce of cost of goods and volume

Resin volume reduced up to 90%.  
Buffer volume reduced up to 85%.

Up to 5.5x increase in productivity

Columns positioned in series enable one to be loaded at a higher feed amount in a shorter time boosting performance of a single chromatography step.

Simplicity and footprint reduction

Reduced number of systems, smaller range of columns.
Simplified industrialization by lowering column bed height (up to 90% smaller).

Flexibility and scalability

Address both scale-up and multi products challenges with a single system.
Scale-up/out factor ≈100.

Maintain product quality

Automated and closed system to prevent contaminations and nonconformities.
CQAs remain in the same range.

Choose the Right LPLC System

Find the Right Multi-Step LPLC Chromatography System

The Resolute® BioSC platform is a chromatography system designed to purify biologics (mAbs, recombinant proteins, blood factors…) from the process development to Commercial Manufacturing scale.

Resolute® BioSC LabResolute® BioSC Pilot


PD / Clinical

PD / Clinical / Commercial Manufacturing

Number of Columns

1 to 6

1 to 6

Flow Rate Range

0.06-1.8 L/hr (1-30mL/min)

4.98-150 L/hr

Process type

Continuous and intensified chromatography

Continuous and intensified Downstream Processing (DSP)

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Effective and Consistent Chemical and Microbiological Cleaning

This application note shows that Resolute® BioSC Pilot can meet biopharma standards in terms of residual bioburden and endotoxin levels.

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Our Portfolio

Resolute® BioSC Pilot

Resolute® BioSC Pilot can operate simultaneously and continuously three chromatography separations, including viral inactivation and in-line buffer preparation. 

The chaining of multiple processes results in a streamlined and intensified process.

  • Integrated viral Inactivation
    Enables full automation and integration of the VI, as well as chromatography process management with a single skid
  • In-line buffer preparation
    Automatically prepares solutions with the right combination of pH, conductivity, and concentration from mother solutions. These three parameters are continuously monitored and controlled by a dedicated algorithm to guarantee accuracy and fast response.

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Resolute® BioSC Lab

  • Adaptability, operations from 1 up to 6 columns in Batch and Multi-Column processes
  • Flexibility, with all media and membrane types, PAT internal & external profiles, gradient capability
  • Easy switch from batch to optimizing multi columns process with Resolute® BioSC Predict software
  • User-friendly software, recipe editor, real time monitoring and multi-access control

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Resolute® BioSC Predict

A deeper process understanding is becoming increasingly important to design a chromatographic separation method that consistently delivers high quality products. 

Resolute® BioSC Predict is an exclusive simulation and optimization software for the development of intensified chromatography processes enabling any scientist to switch from batch to streamlined continuous processes, without prior expert knowledge.

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Application Note

BioSC™ Pilot Designed for Effective and Consistent Chemical and Microb...

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Application Note

Downstream Viral Clearance of mAbs: Are Continuous Processes as Effect...

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Resolute® BioSC Platform

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Resolute® BioSC Datasheet

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