A Step Forward with Sartobind® Sulfated Cellulose

Pandemic Ready Influenza Virus Production

As in other biotechnological process, implementation of a chromatographic capturing step is favored since it removes the majority of the impurities (host cell proteins and DNA) and concentrates the product before polishing. Sartorius and the MPI Magdeburg developed a sulfated cellulose membrane adsorber which is now available. Membrane Adsorbers display no size exclusion effects and achieve much higher binding capacity for large molecules and viruses. Also they run a much higher flow rate than columns. This is the chance to replace a production column to a small sulfated cellulose adsorber system.

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Sartobind® SC Nano 3 mL, 8 mm Bed Height Samples (4 per Pack)
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Research Article - Optimization of Cell Culture-Derived Influenza

A virus particles purification using sulfated cellulose membrane adsorbers

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Use of Sulfated Cellulose Membrane Adsorbers

Chromatographic purification of cell cultured-derived influenza A and B viruses

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Membrane Chromatography Cassettes for Bind & Elute Applications of Viruses and Large Proteins 

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Influenza Virus Capture Using Membrane Chromatography

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