Date Feb 21, 17

Optimizer list Robust setpoint section incorrect in specific cases (Q850)

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The Optimizer list displays incorrect results for the Robust low edgeandRobust high edgecolumns after going through the following procedure after running the Optimizer;

  1. Find robust setpoint.
  2. Find robust setpointagainand change the resolution from the default.
  3. Save the investigation, close and reopen it.
  4. Open the Optimizer and user Create listto create the Optimizer list.

Note here that the Resolution is the not the one you selected. This in turn results in that the Robust low edge and Robust high edge values are incorrectly calculated using the old resolution, and so is the Relative volume %-value.


There are a number of workarounds;

  • After completing the Find robust setpointcalculations (step 2 in the Symptoms section in this KB-article), clickSetpoint analysis​. This new resolution will now be remembered at save.
  • Change the resolution the very first time when usingFind robust setpoint. That resolution is then the one that will be remembered.
  • ClickFind robust setpoint, again change the resolution, run the calculations,and then recreate the Optimizer list. The Optimizer list will now display the results for the correct resolution, but will not remember the resolution at save.


Fixed in MODDE® 12.

More Information:

The resolution used in the search for the robust setpoint is only saved the first time you run Find robust setpointand when clickingSetpoint analysis.