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Picus® 2 pipettes ensure reliable, repeatable pipetting results and feature an unbeatable ergonomic design that is kind to your hand. Picus® 2 is suited to all lab workers, from graduate students to experienced laboratory professionals. It is as intuitive to use as a mechanical pipette but offers more advanced options for experienced users.

By connecting Picus® 2 to your mobile device, you can use the Sartorius Pipetting mobile app to smoothly run sample preparation workflows and adjust the pipette setting automatically, taking your productivity to the next level. The app also lets you update the pipettes to the latest software. 

Experience the Picus® 2 by using the 360-degree viewer tool below to further understand an in-depth overview of features and capabilities.

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Picus® 2 Products

Single-Channel Picus® 2 Electronic Pipettes

Single-channels Picus® 2 models cover a volume range from 0.2 µL to 10,000 µL.

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8-Channel Picus® 2 Electronic Pipettes

8-channel Picus® 2 models cover volume range from 0.2 μL to 1,200 μL.

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12-Channel Picus® 2 Electronic Pipettes

12-channel Picus® 2 models cover volume range from 0.2 μL to 1,200 μL.

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Picus® 2 Features

Why Choose Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette?

Electronic Pipette Picus®️ 2 Bluetooth Connected to Mobile Phone
Electronic Pipette Picus®️ 2 Bluetooth Connected to Mobile Phone

Picus® 2 electronic pipettes are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to connect to the Sartorius Pipetting mobile app, as well as integrate their pipettes to other existing systems. The Sartorius Pipetting mobile app is your handy companion for sample preparation workflows and pipette management. To stay up to date, use the Pipetting app to update your Picus® 2 pipettes with the latest features.

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Be Kind to Your Hand

Achieve truly effortless pipetting thanks to the uniquely lightweight (only 100 grams, single-channel 1,000 µL) and streamlined design of Picus® 2. The conveniently located soft-touch operating button and electronic tip ejection reduce muscle strain for left- and right-handed users. Comfortable handle design and finger hook let the Picus® 2 pipette rest lightly in your hand.

Speed Up Your Work

Picus® 2 saves you time in the lab with a wide selection of pipetting modes and customizable programs for every need. Save frequently used modes with specified settings on your device for quick and easy access. Save valuable time and remove guesswork with intuitive volume setting and menu navigation using the unique adjustment wheel.

Be on the Safe Side

To enhance pipette compliance, you can rely on safety features like password protection and calibration reminders. The
Picus® 2 can be programmed with service and calibration reminders, which among other important settings you can protect by using the password protection feature.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning pipettes is an essential part of good laboratory practices. Picus® 2 pipettes are easy to open and clean. Thanks to the high-quality materials, you can decontaminate the lower pipette components by autoclaving (excluding 1,200 µL multichannel models), with UV or disinfectants.

Picus® 2 Benefits

Achieve Reliable Results

The precise electronic pipetting system of Picus® 2 pipettes enable reproducible pipetting results for every user.

  • The built-in plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing.
  • Repeated blowout function ensures recovering even the last drops of your sample.
  • A calibration adjustment feature enables maximal accuracy, even with difficult liquids.

Guided Workflows

Picus® 2 pipettes are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to take your productivity to the next level. The Sartorius Pipetting app is your trusty companion for sample preparation workflows.

  • The app provides step-by-step guidance for various pipetting protocols, and when used with Picus® 2 pipettes, it automatically adjusts the settings according to the protocol.
  • To stay up to date, use the Pipetting app to update your Picus® 2 pipettes with the latest features.
  • Thanks to open connectivity, you can integrate Picus® 2 pipettes to an existing system.

Sartorius Pipette Tips

Sartorius pipettes and tips are designed to be an optimally compatible system. To fully optimize the performance of the Picus® 2 pipette, we recommend selecting Sartorius pipette tips for your laboratory.

  • The high-quality standard Optifit tips are the preferred choice for a wide range of laboratory applications and pipetting tasks.
  • Safetyspace® Filter tips ensure contamination-free operation.
  • The broad selection of tip packaging and purity options allows you to choose the product that best suits your laboratory settings.
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 8655:2022 with manufacturer recommended tips

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Discover the Picus® 2 Pipette: Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

Picus® 2 is revolutionizing the way you set and execute workflows. The future of labwork is now!

Watch Our Picus® 2 How-To Videos in Action

How to use Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette – Power On, Charge, and Power Off

Learn how to power on, charge, and power off the Picus® 2 electronic pipette.

How to use Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette – Tip Attachment and Ejection

Learn how to attach tips to Picus® 2 and how to eject them.

Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette – Pipetting Mode and Adjusting Volume and Speed

Learn how to use the Pipetting mode on Picus® 2 and how to adjust the pipetting volume and pipetting speeds.

How to Use Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette – Pipetting Mode With Repeating Blowout and Mixing

Learn how to pipette with Picus® 2 and how to combine the pipetting mode with Mixing and Blowout functions. Mixing can be programmed to start before and/or after dispensing your target volume. Repeated blowout function helps you to empty the tip, even with viscous liquids.

How to Use Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette – Multi-Dispensing Mode With Auto-Mode and Plate Tracker

Learn how to multi-dispense with Picus® 2 and how to combine it with Auto-mode for automatic dispensing and Plate Tracker for preventing mistakes when pipetting multi-well plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connectivity means Picus® 2 pipettes can receive commands / instructions from an external system and report back completed actions. This helps to speed up workflows, standardize protocols and documentation.

The mobile app can be used to manage the pipette and to guide the user through pipetting workflows. The mobile app is available through the Play and App stores.

The Sartorius Pipetting mobile app is perfect for running sample preparation protocols, it even automates changing pipette settings. In addition, you can update your Picus® 2 pipettes with it.

Yes. Without the app you get to enjoy all the basic pipetting functions of Picus® 2. The app offers guidance for pipetting protocols making them easier and more streamlined for the user.

  • Pipette is packed in 100% recyclable cardboard
  • 100% renewable electricity used in manufacturing
  • Pipette is designed to be maintained, providing long usable lifetime
  • Manufacturing complies with ISO 14001 environmental standard
  • WEEE | ROHS compliant

The pipette battery typically lasts for a full working day and can be fully recharged in an hour. Picus® 2 pipettes can be charged with a single pipette charging stand, a four-pipette carousel stand, or with a USB cable, while the pipette is in use.

Picus® 2 pipette is capable of doing everything the previous pipettes can do, meaning there is no reason not to upgrade. The main reason to upgrade now, is to get the benefits of connectivity and the possibility to use all features of Sartorius Pipetting app. The Sartorius Pipetting mobile app is perfect for running sample preparation protocols, it even automates changing pipette settings. In addition, you can update your Picus® 2 pipettes with it.

Click hotkey and select the program with adjustment wheel. Slick softkey for Ok to load saved program.

All the advanced functions can be activated per mode. First select pipetting mode you want to use, and then use the softkey for ADV to select advanced mode to use in conjuction.

This might happen if after dispensing the tip is close to liquid. When dispensing, press and hold the operating button as long as the tip is inside vessel. Only release the operating button once the tip is far enough from liquid.

In many cases the battery will last full working day without charging. By using charging stands the battery will charge anytime the pipette is placed on a stand, virtually eliminating the possibility to run out of battery.

Picus® Nxt pipettes have three options for charging, USB AC adapter with cable, Charging stand for 1 pipette, or charging carousel for 4 pipettes. Stands are the most convenient way to charge the battery. USB cable can be used for charging while pipetting. Stands and USB adapter are available separately.

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