Booklet: Visualizing Immunity in Action: The Extraordinary Benefits of Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis

Great strides have been made in the understanding and treatment of cancer since the turn of the century. One of the most fundamental shifts has been a pivot away from targeting the cancer itself, instead focusing on giving the body’s natural defenses a power-up in the battle. This is not a new idea, with attempts to manipulate the immune system dating back at least to the late 1800s (1, 2), but it is only in recent years that we’ve had the technology, and developed the known-how, to make it a reality.

This booklet is an exclusive collection of articles from the Science family of journals that exemplify the broad range of applications for live-cell imaging, with a focus on cancer research, but in particular, an emphasis on expanding our knowledge of how the human immune system functions in normal and diseased states. The ongoing drive to develop newer, more powerful, and more accurate imaging technologies stands at the center of these efforts to answer complex biological questions.

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