eBook: Real-time Protein Dynamics with Live-cell Immunocytochemistry

Thanks to the power and utility of immunocytochemistry, we are now able to obtain information about protein presence, location, and activity — information instrumental to our capacity to identify cellular phenotypes and understand the mechanisms that govern cell behavior. 

Live-cell analysis has been used extensively to study cellular behavior, but has not been a popular option for studying protein expression dynamics. This is now changing, as technological advancements are facilitating modified ICC protocols that embrace live-cell analysis, adding a much valued temporal dimension to ICC-obtained data.

Live-cell ICC permits repeated sampling of the same cell(s) over time, building upon traditional ICC by expanding on the 'before and after' dichotomy. It gives researchers the ability to identify the precise stimuli involved in modifying protein expression levels and the temporal kinetics of these changes.

Download this original eBook compiled in collaboration with The Scientist to learn more about: 

  • The importance and evolution of immunocytochemistry
  • Adapting ICC for live-cell analysis
  • Using ICC to expand your protein analysis toolkit
  • ICC for disease research

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