Compliant Solutions for in vitro Diagnostics

Instructions for Use for Vivaspin® and Vivapore® IVD Medical Devices

Measurement of molecular disease markers in patient samples is important for the diagnosis and monitoring of a range of diseases and disorders. To ensure regulatory compliance, only devices that have been registered with local or regional health authorities can be used for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications.

Sartorius offers to perfect range of Vivaspin®, Vivaspin® Filtrate and Vivapore® IVD devices, which are CE-IVD certified according to (EU) 2017/746 (IVDR). The devices are ideal for the concentration or filtration of proteins and macromolecules from human urine specimens prior to further semi-quantitative or quantitative analysis.

Download the electronic instructions for use for your chosen IVD device below.

Vivaspin® 6 and 20 IVD Medical Devices

Combining twin vertical membranes and thin flow channel design, Vivaspin® 6 and 20 offer:

  • High process speeds
  • High concentration factors
  • High sample recoveries

Download Instructions for Use

Vivaspin® Turbo 4 and 15 IVD Medical Devices

Thanks to large, twin vertical membranes, sleek internal profiles and the unique angular dead-stop, Vivaspin®️ Turbo provides:

  • Unparalleled processing speeds
  • Complete retentate retrieval
  • High sample recoveries

Download Instructions for Use

Vivaspin® Filtrate IVD Medical Devices

Featuring a unique design that enables ultrafiltration in the opposite direction to centrifugal force, Vivaspin® Filtrate:

  • Prevents premature membrane blockage
  • Separates target proteins from high MW molecules
  • Offers direct sample retrieval after filtration

Download Instructions for Use

Vivapore® 5 and 10|20 IVD Medical Devices

Utilizing a low-shear solvent absorption process and single-sample design, Vivapore® devices:

  • Free up centrifuge capacity for other processes
  • Are ideal for concentration of sensitive disease markers
  • Avoid the risk of sample cross-contamination

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