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With a multitude of membrane and pore-size configurations available, the Sartorius range of Minisart® syringe filters provides optimal filtration for a wide range of samples and applications. And with this month’s product promotion, making the clean, safe choice is even easier! 

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Minisart promotion is available in the following countries:

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Minisart® Syringe Filters

Innovative design features – coupled with the largest surface areas and fast flow rates – make Minisart® syringe filters the ideal choice for all your syringe filtration needs. 

If you need to rely on the quality of your filtrate – whether it needs to be sterile prior to use or removal of particles before analysis – field-proven, high quality Minisart® syringe filers are the ideal choice for reliable, convenient preparation steps. 

  • Largest Effective Filtration Area (EFA)
  • Minimum extractable
  • Gamma/EO Sterilized
  • Low adsorption 
  • Low hold-up volume
  • High throughput 
  • Minisart® NML is the perfect choice for sterile filtration and clarification of media additives, buffers, reagents and even gases 
  • Minisart® PP is optimized for filtration prior to analytics and withstands even harsh solvents and chemicals 

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