Tuflux® tubes for the transfer of critical fluids

Tuflux® Tubing for Safe Liquid Transfer

Tuflux® Tubing

Tuflux® Tubing – Benefit From the Best of Two Worlds

Liquid Transfer is an essential part of bio-manufacturing processes. For every transfer between different single-use, multi-use or hybrid systems, you will get the right solution for your biopharmaceutical process. With Tuflux® Tubing, you benefit from the purest Silicone and TPE tubing for the transfer of your critical fluids. Both tubing types have excellent extractable/leachable profiles and guarantee the highest cleanliness and safety across all process steps.

A Broad Range of Tubing Standards

Tuflux® tubes are available in 7 dimensions from  " (3.2 mm) to ¾" (19.1 mm) for the internal dimensions and a wall thickness from 1.6 to 4.8 mm. As non-sterile stand-alone coils as well as part of pre-sterilized single-use systems from Sartorius Stedim Biotech such as bags, transfer sets, filters or bioreactors. Tuflux® stand-alone tubing coils are available to build your own assemblies. We guarantee the best lead time from stock and robust change control with at least 24 months of change notification at any time.

Tuflux® SIL

Tuflux® TPE

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Pumping Performance at Its Best!

Tuflux® SIL Silicone Tubing

Consistent Purity, Strong Robustness and additional Ease of Use

Tuflux® SIL is designed to facilitate fluid transfer in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Tuflux® SIL is a highly resistant platinum cured silicone tubing manufactured by Raumedic.

  • Outstanding Purity
  • Excellent Pumping Performance
  • Easy handling

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Purity and Cleanliness

Benefit of the purest Silicone tubing for the transfer of critical fluids. Our platinum cured silicone tubing undergoes an extensive post-curing effect after extrusion to obtain an extremely low level of siloxanes, the most relevant extractable group within Silicone products. Tuflux® SIL is manufactured in ISO7 clean room to maintain the cleanliness of your drug substances.


Strong and flexible, with its 60 Shore A hardness Tuflux® SIL ensures solid compromise between pressure resistance, long pumping life time, high flow rates while still maintaining high flexibility of the tube without kinking.

Easy To Handle

The surface is coated in a plasma process. This coating (low tack treatment) provides a less sticky surface of the Tuflux® SIL tubing in comparison with common non-coated silicone tubing products. This eases the unwinding of coils as well as handling with gloves in general.

More Than Just Another TPE Tubing!

Tuflux® TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing

Comfortable Handling, Better Cell Growth and More Flexibility

Tuflux® TPE is the new tubing within the Sartorius Stedim Biotech portfolio made for liquid transfer in the biopharmaceutical industry. It can be heat sealed and welded with Biosealer® TC & Biowelder® TC to maintain sterile conditions.

  • Ease of Use/Error Proving
  • Best Cell Growth Results
  • Highest Flexibility in TPE

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Unique color-coding, aligned with Biowelder® TC tube holders. In addition, the printing of ID and OD dimensions, as well as the tube material on every Tuflux® tubing facilitates identification and ease of use to mitigate operator errors.

Cell Growth

Antioxidant level in tubing formulation is optimized for best cell growth results. No inhibition of cell growth even under worst-case surface to volume ratios in small scale applications due to the absence of Irgafos® 168 and therefore bdtBPP.


Validated Biowelder® TC parameters for co-welding of Tuflux® TPE to other TPE tubes. Co-Welding parameters have been validated for all combinations of gamma-irradiated and autoclaved TPE tubes across the brands of Tuflux® TPE, C-Flex® 374 and AdvantaFlex®.


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