One-Piece, Ready-To-Use, and Single-Use Aseptic Fluid Transfer System for Bottles

Aseptic Transfer System

Mycap® Bottle Closure Family

Mycap® closures are a one-piece, ready-to-use, and single-use aseptic fluid transfer system for bottles.

Remarkably, every Mycap® design features our secure platinum-cured silicone seal, despite a diverse range of capabilities and configurations. Mycap® is the first truly universal closure system. Mycap® expands capabilities, removes uncertainty, and eases validation.

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Mycap® CCX Cell Culture Shake Flask

Bring good aseptic technique to cell expansion. Passage and expand cultures without opening flasks, without going into the BSC, without contamination.

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A Mycap® for Any Application
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Sterile Media Fill & Storage

Mycap® inlet line includes 0.2µm sterilizing grade filter for simple, one-step media preparation, media fill, and other operations.

Download Datasheet: Manifold Assemblies

Download Datasheet: Single Bottle Assemblies

General Use & Storage

Available on a huge array and variety of bottle types and sizes. There is a Mycap® solution anywhere you use a bottle.

Download Datasheet: Bottle Assemblies

Download Datasheet: Centrifuge Tubes

Mycap® for Glassware

Available for all common glassware closures including GL25, GL32, GL45, etc. Ideal solution for Bioreactor Feeds and reusable container applications.

Download Datasheet: Bottle Closures

Sampling Manifolds

Don’t compromise your sterile technique. Mycap® allows sterile filling, sterile collection, and analysis of your samples. Select the container or blend of containers you need to make your sample collection reliable and safe.

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Drug Substance and Drug Storage

Mycap®’s reliable, high-performance seal makes it ideal for applications where container closure and aseptic connectors are priority #1. Mycap® is available on larger carboys and bottles designed for freezing applications.

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Custom Designs & Engineered Solutions

Put our designers and engineering teams to work. Design your own solution from our diverse portfolio of parts or let us help you solve your sterile filling process problem.

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Unique Technology to Enhance your Operations

Platform Technology

Since all Mycap® feature the same platinum-cured silicone closure regardless of the bottle type or cap specifications you can validate Mycap® closure once and use it freely across the entire drug production process regardless of the application.

Mycap® Validation Guide

High Performance Closure

Mycap® has low stress-to-seal thanks to outstanding compression set and low creep properties.

Application Friendly Resins

Mycap® silicone closure is plasticizer free, stabilizer free and has no anti-oxidants

Suitable for use from -65°C to 175°C make it an ideal closure for most biopharmaceutical applications.

Mycap® Specifications

Protect from Product Loss

Purpose built dip tube tip prevents suction during fluid removal. The subtle saddle shape ensures fluid removal down to the very last drop.

Direction Where You Need It

Elegantly simple design and yet remarkably effective to keep fluid inlet where its needed or dip tubes away from accessories in the bottle with the Z-Flex Articulator.

Aseptic Disconnection Can’t Get Simpler

…more or reliable. Cut the collar to make the disconnection and seal in one simple step.

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Quickseal® Validation Guide

USP 87, USP 88


USP 788


USP 85


USP 661


USP 381




Microbial Container Closure


Sterility (ISO11137-2)




Leak Testing

Lot Release

Shelf Life

2 Years

Tubing Materials

Silicone, TPE (eg, C-Flex®)

Specifications are not inclusive of tubing, container, or fittings. Consult Validation Guide for current material validation and testing.


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