eBook: Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are one of the fastest-growing classes of biopharmaceuticals for multiple clinical indications. mAbs are the backbone of many treatment modalities including unconjugated therapeutic antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell therapy. The majority of existing mAb clinical drugs target cell‑surface or single-pass membrane proteins where the target antigen conformation tends to be much more immunogenic than multipass transmembrane proteins, such as G-protein‑coupled receptors  (GPCRs). The growing need to develop mAb drugs against poorly immunogenic targets requires advancements in high-throughput methods, that allow for large antibody screening campaigns to identify binders and to perform functional analyses early in the antibody discovery workflow. 

Flow cytometry is often used to measure antibody binding and functionality. However, traditional flow cytometry for large screening studies suffers from limited throughput, large sample volumes, slow sampling times and tedious data analyses.

The Sartorius iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform addresses these issues with industry best sampling speeds, miniaturized assay volumes and a plate-based data management and integrated analysis software.

This eBook collection focuses on critical developments and applications in the antibody development workflow including antibody screening strategies, functional antibody assays and an interview with a key opinion leaders in the antibody development field. 

This article collection provides a wide overview of the antibody development field and highlights the many technologies and methods required to successfully navigate and accelerate the discovery process.

Topics include:

  • Antibody library screening: high throughput strategies
  • Evaluation of therapeutic antibody discovery technologies
  • Antibodies against viral disease: highlighting technologies behind COVID-19 antibody therapy
  • Collaboration and the route to more efficient antibody discovery

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