Poster: Routine Monitoring of T Cell Activation by Multiplexing Analysis of Immunophenotypes and Secreted Cytokines

Optimized adoptive cell therapy protocols, and profiling drug candidates against immuno-oncology targets such as immune checkpoint proteins, requires precise monitoring of ex vivo activation of human T lymphocytes.

This poster describes the development of a large-scale multiplexed assay using high throughput flow cytometry to profile T cell activation.

Human PBMCs treated with different activators were evaluated over time in a multiplexed format by combining cell phenotype, T cell activation markers, cell proliferation, cell viability measurements and secreted cytokine analysis into a single well.

These large-scale high throughput flow cytometry experiments generate extensive T cell activation profiles that provide valuable information for optimizing immuno-oncology drug development, such as checkpoint inhibitors and adoptive cell therapy development and manufacturing protocols.

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