T cells play a critical role in the adaptive immune response.  In naive T cells, binding of the T cell receptor (TCR) to peptides complexed with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) triggers an intricate signaling mechanism leading to T cell activation, proliferation and production of cytokines.  Modulating the TCR signaling pathway using biologics, small molecules or genetic engineering is highly relevant to many therapeutic areas including cancer immunotherapy, adoptive cell therapy, vaccine development and autoimmune disease.  The development of these drugs and therapies require the routine use of assays to profile T cell function and health.

In this webinar Dr. John O’Rourke, Head of Product Development, Cell Analytics, talks about the importance of routine monitoring of T-cell function and highlights the need for rapid immune function monitoring in drug discovery. He provides an overview of how this need can be addressed by simultaneously measuring cell phenotype, T cell activation markers, cell proliferation, cell viability and quantifying secreted cytokines in a miniaturized assay format using the Intellicyt® T Cell Activation and Cytokine Profiling Kit.

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About the speaker

Dr. John O’Rourke
Head of Product Development, Cell Analytics
Intellicyt, A Sartorius Company

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