Publications Review: Advanced Flow Cytometry Applications in Infectious Disease and Immuno-oncology

Time is of the essence. Whether identifying a vaccine candidate that induces the production of robust neutralizing antibodies, or developing a potentially life-saving cancer treatment, speed matters. Success relies on the ability to rapidly execute a variety of assays, often with small sample volumes, in a biologically relevant, high throughput, reproducible, and cost-effective workflow.

For infectious diseases, assays related to antibody function, neutralization studies and epitope mapping are essential for development of vaccines and therapeutics.

In cancer, screening clinical candidates and measuring cellular response is foundational to selecting small molecules and monoclonal antibodies for development, while elucidating T cell phenotype, effector function and secreted cytokines are prerequisites for advanced cell therapies.

Flow cytometry is commonly used to characterize antibodies, and cell phenotype and response. However, traditional workflows have limited throughput capability and require dedicated expertise.

This Publications Review white paper demonstrates how the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform is game-changing technology. With its unmatched throughput, versatility, and multiplex capabilities, it is accelerating and facilitating research in infectious disease and immuno-oncology, by combining powerful analysis with streamlined workflows.

The collection of advanced flow cytometry infectious disease and oncology applications, includes the following highlights:

Infectious disease:

  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Ebolavirus
  • Zika virus
  • HIV virus


  • Monoclonal and multi-specific antibody
  • Antibody drug conjugate (ADC)
  • Adoptive cell-based therapy
  • Gene transfer
  • Small molecule applications

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