A Novel Immuno-Oncology Screening Platform for Multifactorial Evaluation of Therapeutic Candidates Webinar

Understanding the deeper complexities of the immune system is critical to providing insights into immune-based therapeutic candidates and their functioning. This on-demand webinar highlights how researchers at Horizon Discovery leveraged the iQue® advanced flow cytometry platform to deliver rich datasets for clients to aid in compound screening, target validation, and MOA studies.

Key webinar discussion topics include:

  • Evaluation of cell death/proliferation, surface markers for intracellular staining and cytokine secretion in the same well
  • Analysis of multiple plates across the experiment in one view using advanced data analysis visualization software
  • Simple no-wash assay format utilizing small sample volumes

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About the speaker

Simon Scrace, Ph.D.
Manager – Immunology and Assay Services
Horizon Discovery

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