Virtual Bioreactor Training Tool

Exclusive Bioreactor Training Software for Universities

The BIOSTAT® T CHO is an interactive software training tool and ideally suited to educate students and operators in bioprocess control. It enables users to learn about bioprocess engineering and to practice with menu navigation and control of a bioreactor prior to operating an actual bioreactor.

Top Features

Integrative Learning

Apply recently acquired theoretical knowledge immediately as no hardware except a computer is needed to use the BIOSTAT® T CHO.

Quality in Hands-On Operation

Learn the principles of bioprocess control and bioreactor menu navigation virtually and gain the capability to achieve high quality results when using a bioreactor in real life from the very beginning.

Close to Reality

Perform trainings realistically and benefit from:

  • Software interface that is based on the human-machine interface of a BIOSTAT STR® 200L single-use bioreactor
  • Real batch data that are integrated into the BIOSTAT® T CHO

Time and Cost Saving

Perform trainings virtually to mitigate the risk of human error and prevent batch losses when running a real cultivation process. Minimize the amount of laboratory clean-ups and procurements of bioreactor media in addition, to save time and money.

Exclusive Bioreactor Training Software for Universities

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Discover the BIOSTAT® T CHO

The BIOSTAT® T CHO mimics the human-machine interface and functionalities of a BIOSTAT STR® 200 L single-use bioreactor. It is based on actual Chinese hamster ovary cell batch data and enables users to gain insights into the characteristics of a CHO cultivation. Users have to utilize the broad variety of software features to determine the optimal parameters for cell growth and antibody yield.

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Digitalize Your Bioprocess Control Training with BIOSTAT® T CHO

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BIOSTAT® T CHO is a free of charge bioreactor training software for universities and educational institutes. The initial license is valid for 365 days and can be renewed free of charge by requesting a new license key.

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