The New Biostat STR® Generation 3 and Biobrain® Automation Platform

Engineered for Ultimate Upstream Performance

Biostat STR® single-use bioreactors and the Biobrain® automation platform are engineered to allow you to rapidly adapt your biomanufacturing facility to address changing requirements by offering multiple configurations and convenient software upgrades. The generation 3 system is now available with native DeltaV™ and access to our best in class BioPAT® toolbox.

Biostat STR® bioreactors and Flexsafe STR® bags range from 50L to 2000L and can help you achieve outstanding speed, quality, and flexibility in your process development and commercial manufacturing operations. Accelerate your success with a stable, predictable process that delivers a safe, reliable biologic medicine for patients around the world. 

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Maximize Your Quality and Consistency 

Biostat STR® is engineered for highly efficient mixing and high oxygen transfer. In addition to the standard features, you can incorporate advanced options such as an integrated spectroscopy port, Repligen’s XCell™ ATF cell retention device, BioPAT® process control tools and software, and sophisticated analytics. Biostat STR® delivers:  

  • Superior cell viability and density 
  • Higher product purity 
  • Lower risk of batch loss or inconsistencies 
  • Improved process understanding, control, and productivity 
  • Systematic cost savings at all lifecycle phases of drug production 

Adapt and Enhance Your Process 

Based on the architecture of the Biobrain® automation platform, the Biostat STR® system allows you the flexibility to easily make configuration changes. This simplifies technology transfer between production scales, ensures consistent quality, lowers regulatory risks, and reduces total costs. Biostat STR® offers: 

  • Multiple configurations including options such as pumps, sensors etc. and easy software upgrades 
  • Enhanced process automation and control with BioPAT® MFCS, a specialized SCADA software that captures, stores, and visualizes process data 
  • Improved predictability and scalability using our BioPAT® scaling tool 
  • Advanced process understanding and control using the suite of software and analytics in the BioPAT® toolbox and Umetrics® SIMCA® 
  • Execute all functions natively in your Delta V™ system 
  • Expertise offered by our experienced engineering design and technical support teams for customizations and questions 

Biostat STR® Can Help at Any Phase of the Biomanufacturing Process

From early stage process development to high-volume commercial manufacturing.

Process Development

Learn more about how Biostat STR® can empower rapid process development and seamless scaling to commercial manufacturing

Biostat STR® for Process Development

Commercial Manufacturing

Find out how Biostat STR® seamlessly integrates into your existing automation infrastructure and consistently delivers outstanding speed, quality, and productivity.

Biostat STR® for Commercial Manufacturing

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