Automated, High-Throughput Sample Preparation of mAb-Expressing Cell Cultures

Introducing the Sartorius StreamLink® CC 15: The next generation in cell line and process development. Simplify mAb bioreactor sampling without compromising quality with an automated high-throughput system that offers fast clarification and purification of 5-15 mL samples ready for CQA analysis. Process 24-48 samples directly from Ambr® 15 | Ambr® 250 bioreactors to cut processing time from days to hours and reduce manual input from 6 hours to just 10 minutes. 

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Automation | “Walk-away"

Fully automated, repeatable, high throughput processes with error recovery ensures high-quality mAb sample preparation from cell culture.

High throughput | Saves time

Clarifies and purifies mAbs samples, delivering 24 samples for CQA analysis in 2 hours, 48 samples in 4 hours.

Reduce space & labor demands

The all-in-one benchtop screening system introduces integrated mAbs sample preparation, saving space, simplifying workflows and saving time.

Compatible integration

Fully compatible with Ambr® 15 bioreactors or any suspension cell culture, streamlining protein clarification and purification for CQA testing.

Walk-Away Bioreactor Sampling

The fully automated, reproducible, high-throughput process is based on optimized protocols to ensure quality. When combined with integrated error recovery, upstream mAb sample preparation becomes a “walk-away” process requiring minimal operator intervention and reducing hands-on time from 6 hours to 10 minutes. 

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Application Note

A Novel DSP System for Ambr® Cell Line Development Workflows

Learn how the Streamlink®️ CC 15 accelerates cell line development workflows by speeding up clarification and purification steps.

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Overview of the StreamLink® CC 15

Automated Bioreactor Sampling: Clarify and | or Purify 24 mAb-Expressing Cell Culture Samples in 2-4 Hours 

Click the   signs to learn more about how the StreamLink® CC 15, an all-in-one benchtop screening system, streamlines mAb sample preparation for CQA analysis. 

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StreamLink® CC 15 System Benefits


Reduce Labor Requirements With Automated Walk-Away Sample Preparation 

  • Increase reproducibility by reducing the chance of operator error 
  • Cut hands-on time from 6 hours to 10 minutes 
  • Limit unnecessary downtime with built-in error recovery 
  • Save operator time with always-on sensing and simplified data reporting 


Achieve Faster mAb Sample Preparation With a High-Throughput System 

  • Reduce process timelines by clarifying and purifying 24 mAb-expressing cell cultures in just 2-4 hours  
  • Boost sample preparation capacity by processing 48 samples in a single experiment  
  • Removing the sample preparation bottleneck to get CQAs faster  
  • Reduce the total time for mAb sample preparation from 2 days to 2-4 hours

Process Insights 

Gain Detailed Process Insights at Lab Scale 

  • Unlock new clone selection parameters with a representative clarification process using the Sartoclear® Disc 
  • Get earlier clone insights using UV peak cutting for automated eluate collection with the Sartobind® Rapid A Nano  
  • Remove the uncertainty of manual sample preparation with always-on sensing 
  • Skip unnecessary steps before CQA analysis with integrated titer estimation  

Simplified | All-in-One  

Simplify Sample Preparation With a One-Step Clarification and Purification Process  

  • Remove non-value-added manual steps with integrated neutralization and aliquoting  
  • Save space in the lab with a compact benchtop system  
  • Reduce maintenance with integrated cleaning protocols  
  • Eliminate repeats with automated error recovery and guided system setup 

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Application Note

Accelerated Sample Prep

StreamLink® CC 15 preps samples in hours to streamline clarification and purification. Learn more in our latest app note.

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StreamLink® CC 15 Sample Prep Flexibility

The StreamLink® CC 15 process template can be modified to support a range of applications. Clarification and purification can be selected to run separately or combined. Define parameters such as pressure limits and flow rates to meet the requirements of different cell lines and mAbs. 

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