Introducing Ambr® 15 Cell Culture

High Throughput, Automated Bioreactor System

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture is a high throughput, automated bioreactor system for 24 or 48 parallel cultivations at the 10 –15 mL microbioreactor scale.

Offering new functionality, a high level of flexibility, and improved performance the Generation 2 system is ideally suited for applications including:

  • Clone selection
  • Media and feed development
  • Early-stage process optimization
  • Screening under perfusion mimic conditions

Introducing Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2

This short animation details the new features of the Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2 system to facilitate improved clone selection, media and feed optimization and other early process development studies for a wide range of cell lines and applications.

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2 System Features

Ambr® 15 is the industry standard microbioreactor system implemented in laboratories worldwide. It offers cost-effective experimentation by saving on facility space, capital, labour, media, and consumables. Integrated metabolite analysis fast tracks implementation of Quality by Design (QbD) principles.

  • New Flexible Deck layout
  • New Expanded Tip Bin capacity
  • New Liquid Handler capability
  • New Culture Station design
  • New Rapid Vessel Drain functionality
  • New Clone Selection Software Application

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2 System Tour

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Vessel Tour

Ambr® 15 Microbioreactor Vessel

Mimics the characteristics of lab-scale bioreactors to enable optimal cell growth, productivity and product quality:

  • 10 – 15 mL microbioreactor working volumes
  • Single-use pH and DO sensors
  • Integrated pitched blade impeller
  • Port for liquid additions and for sampling
  • Available with sparge tube for gassing into impeller mixing zone, or without for headspace gassing
  • Available with temperature compensation for lower temperature applications, experiments below 33°C

The image above shows the standard vessel, other variations are available.

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Ambr® 15 Cell Culture + Ambr® Analysis Module

The Ambr® Analysis Module enables automated pH measurement, both for initial microbioreactor pH sensor calibration and subsequent in-process checks; improving pH control and culture performance.

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Ambr® 15 is compatible with many other analyzers.

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Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Downloads


Introducing Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2

PDF | 2.2 MB


Integrated Cell Culture Analyzers - Ambr® 15 Cell Culture and Ambr® 250 High Throughput

PDF | 1.1 MB


Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Consumables

PDF | 3.8 MB


Optimizing T Cell Expansion in Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Using DoE and Process Transfer to Ambr® 250 Modular

PDF | 2.7 MB


A Rapid, Low-risk Approach for Process Transfer of Biologics from Development to Manufacturing Scale

PDF | 1.7 MB

Application Note

Approaches to Establishing a Perfusion Mimic Process in Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2

PDF | 338.2 KB

Webinar on Optimization of T-Cell Expansion in Ambr® 15 | Jan 21

Learn how to accelerate early process for CAR-T therapies by demonstrating how T-cell expansion can be optimized in Ambr® 15 microbioreactors.

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Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2

Enhancing Cell Line Selection and Early Process Development

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