Ready-To-Use Membrane Chromatography

Membrane chromatography is a well-established technology in bioprocessing. It is routinely used in the capture of large particles such as viruses and viral vectors, as well as in polishing steps for the removal of DNA, HCPs and virus. One hallmark of membrane chromatography is high productivity, others are high throughput and cost saving.

Save up to 70% Processing Time and Work Space

Sartobind® membrane technology allows you to shift from slow and oversized expensive columns to small, single-use capsules. These membrane adsorbers are ready to use and save you a lot of time: Switch to single-use chromatography and you'll be able to eliminate packing, cleaning and revalidation steps. 

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Now Sartobind® Scales up to 100 L of Membrane

As membrane chromatography processes grow in size, multiple Sartobind® cassettes of 0.8 or 1.6 L volume can now be used to accommodate the needed process scale.

Sterile gamma irradiated versions allow for continuous manufacturing and processing of products that cannot be sterile filtered.

Three different stainless steel holders are available for maximum membrane volumes of up to 20, 50, or 100 L. The fluid path within the cassettes is the same as for Sartobind® capsules, so process development and small scale data can be extrapolated to the new format. Scaling up has never been easier!

Sartobind® Cassettes

Sartobind® Q and S for Virus Capture

10 Times More Binding Capacity

Sartobind® Q and S membrane adsorbers offer binding capacities >10 times higher than resins when purifying viruses such as adenovirus, lentivirus and virus-like-particles (VLP) for use in vaccines.

Remove Contaminants with Sartobind® Q and STIC®

Boost Your Single-use MAb Process

Efficiently remove contaminants such as DNA, endotoxin, host cell proteins, and viruses up to 30 times faster with Sartobind® Q or STIC membrane adsorbers. With Sartobind STIC® you will remove contaminants even at high salt concentrations. You can save even more time and buffer by skipping the dilution of cation exchange pools.

Aggregate Removal with Sartobind® Phenyl

75% Buffer Savings

Benefit from buffer savings of 75% compared to resins. The large pores of Sartobind® Phenyl allow for a better accessibility of large molecules to the phenyl groups. Smaller membrane volume and less buffer results in considerable cost savings.

Adenovirus Downstream Process Intensification at GSK

Learn how GSK implemented a membrane adsorber to intensify adenovirus purification.

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Poster on Robust Parvo Virus (MVM) Clearance

Learn why membrane adsorbers are perfectly suited for flow through chromatography operations where virus clearance is expected.

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Rapid Cycling Chromatography


Rapid Cycling Chromatography in mAb Capture

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Sartobind® for Virus Removal

Virus Clearance Strategy: Choose Your Perfect Fit

Ensuring virus safety for the final product by applying appropriate virus clearance strategies and meeting current guidelines.

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Webinar on Platforming Antibody Drug Conjugate

Single-use manufacturing technologies allow companies to quickly bring cGMP manufacturing capability online with less capital investment. In the webinar, we describe a robust and scalable platform for ADC process development and manufacturing that uses single-use technologies to accelerate development timelines and increase manufacturing predictability while decreasing scale up risks. In addition, case studies on membrane chromatography and crossflow filtration will be presented and the chemical compatibility of the materials described in the platform to solvents typically used in ADC process will be discussed.

A Step Forward with Sartobind® Sulfated Cellulose

Pandemic Ready Influenza Virus Production

Comparisons of Sartobind® Sulfated Cellulose (SC) to commercial resins (A, B) have shown significantly higher binding capacity for virus particles.

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Development of an ADC Process with Single-Use Membrane Technology

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Robust Parvo Virus (MVM) Clearance on Sartobind® Membrane Adsorbers

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Poster: Implementation of a Process-Scale Adenovirus Purification with a Single-Use Platform

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Non-Sterile and Sterile Membrane Chromatography Cassettes for Bind & Elute Applications of Viruses and Large Proteins

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Using the Sartobind® pico — Optimizing Steps for using micro-scale membrane adsorbers on liquid chromatography systems

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Sartobind ® Capsules for Capture and Polishing

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Optimizing Adenovirus Purification Processes Using Sartobind® Q and STIC PA anion exchange membranes

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Plasmid DNA Purification Ion Exchange Chromatography with Sartobind® Membrane Adsorbers

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Phenyl Membrane Adsorber for Bioprocessing

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Laboratory Weighing Services

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